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In a few days I will have a beautiful shawl to show you.

In a few days I will have knitted the final 50cm of Sylvia.

Starting immediately, I will stop:

a) trawling Ravelry to look at other pretty patterns when I should be knitting Sylvia.

b) deciding to work on every other WIP project instead of knitting Sylvia.

c)  swatching for new patterns instead of knitting Sylvia.

d) getting up every two seconds for a fresh cup of tea instead of knitting Sylvia.

e)  petting the cat who likes lying on/under Sylvia, and not knitting Sylvia.

f)  obsessively checking other people’s blogs and the email to see if there’s anything new to read instead of knitting Sylvia.

g)  thinking of new blog posts to write instead of knitting Sylvia.

And maybe then, I will finish Sylvia.


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17 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. My Goodness…you’ve been looking into my life haven’t you? Love it! 😉 x

  2. But sometimes you need to put it aside for a bit – it’s supposed to be FUN! I’m just making excuses for myself.

  3. Sometimes it gets so hard to finish the last tiny bits of projects, and then I get frustrated cause its not finished – Catch 22

  4. You can do it! I suggest a looooong movie/tv marathon to get you through it. It worked with me and a pair of socks last week…

  5. I am surprised that I have been very faithful to finish up a baby blanket due for a baby shower on Sunday. I am just now finishing the last few rounds and then wash and block!! Good luck on persevering on your shawl!!

  6. I agree with Claudia AND collegeknitting. 🙂 Maybe also imagining how free you will feel once it is done. lol

  7. Can’t wait to see “Sylvia”!

  8. I will nudge you along because you know I need your attention for something else!! : )

  9. Reading this was like looking in a mirror. However, seriously Sylvia IS looking beautiful and is such a beautiful design, clever you, i too love cables. i have been really enjoying your blog for such a long time, now i have worked out how to make a comment. 🙂

  10. Haha, I think this is every knitters problem, except those knitters who can knit anything from woah to go and take no longer than a week to knit anything!!
    I am not a big fan of those knitters (who am I kidding they are my idols) one day when I’m retired I would like to be one though

  11. Ahaha, sounds familiar. To many others as well, it appears…

  12. That sounds like me last week. I made up for it by finishing three hats in three days.
    I’m sure that once you know what project you’ll be working on next, Sylvia will just jump off the needles. I find it a bit difficult to finish something if I don’t have the next project planned. It’s too much of a shock to the system to have nothing on my needles.

  13. Wow, it sounds like you’re not alone in your procrastination! Sadly I have to join you all….It’s far too easy to be distracted! You’ll be done soon! You can do it! We’re all very excited to see your Sylvia!

  14. That all sounds very familiar, I am the queen of procrastination! I just read you next post, glad you got your mojo back 🙂

  15. I try to finish one project before I start the next one. But that’s only because I don’t have enough knitting needles for more than one project…