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Talking about it helps


Thank you all for your wonderful, supportive comments on my last post.  It really did help to see your remarks – since then, I have put my head down and knitted an entire 3 balls of yarn, and am now only two repeats away from completion!  Yay!!!!!  If I keep this up, I’ll have something to show you by tomorrow night!  So thank you all, again.

At the least, it kept me honest to the task.  At the best, it was the knowledge that I wasn’t the only one in my position!

Speaking of talking about it, I’ll leave you with a “non-conversation” I had with the older boy the other day.  I think some of you will identify!

As some of you will know, I enjoy looking at magazines, books and Ravelry to spy the latest knitting goodies that I could add to my ever-growing queue of projects.  Sometimes, it’s nice to share my happiness at seeing the designs that catch my eye.

So the other day, happily looking through Rowan 46, I spied a number of stylish, chunky man knits.

Me to 15 yr old son:  “Ooh, come and look at this.  Don’t these sweaters look good?”

Son:  [Short silence].  (Then in an irritable tone) “I thought we’ve already discussed it.”

Me:  [Puzzled] Discussed what?

Son:  [More irritably] “The sweater you’re going to knit me!”

Me:  [Confused]  “Oh.  Yes, I am knitting that, but I just thought I’d show you some other nice man knits!”

Son:  [Exasperated snort].  “Not interested!”  (Retreats to the kitchen to continue his afternoon snack.)

Me:  [Disappointed sigh, looking forlornly at said knits].  You just can’t talk knitting with boys can you?

This is why it’s nice to have you here.  At least someone is interested!! 😉


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10 thoughts on “Talking about it helps

  1. I love reading about all your knits. I seem to suffer the same problem with my family. Although everyone at least pretends to be interested in what I’m talking about.

  2. I adore your knitting adventures! I hope I can knit sweaters one day! 🙂

  3. Jasper whas two jumpers I knitted him. One I started when he was about four, took me years and now he is 16 still fits him (don’t ask) but seems to get worn when he is at mine with his PJ’s, the other one a chunky blue that gets worn at mine but no one must know!! Will Son 15 wear his one in the outside world? Wish mine would xx

    • Wow! You knitted a magic jumper! I’m not sure if son will wear his jumper outside the home. I guess it depends on how cold it is/how he feels wearing it. But it did take my daughter years before she started wearing my knits out of the house. Children are funny things aren’t they!

      • Um excuse me, I was always happy to wear gloves and scarves out of the house. You might remember me going around school in your teal scarf?
        Also, a knitted jumper with heavy bell sleeves wasn’t exactly the best option of clothing in a city where it rains 24/7…

  4. When my kids were in high school, they would sell/trade their handknit sweaters (some of which took me years to knit!) for video games or ???. Now I try to think of those as practice.

    • I am not sure what I would do if my kids did that! I guess if they got better appreciated by the recipient than them, I wouldn’t mind, but in exchange for video games….!!???

  5. My daughter wore her Oriental Lily dress just about every day over winter. I’m not looking forward to the day she starts getting fussy about her clothes…

  6. First I have to give you some props for knitting an additional three balls of wool and being almost done with your shawl … although by now, you probably are DONE knitting it. Ooohhh, I can’t wait to see photos. Second I have to commiserate. My teenage boy sweetly tolerates my obsession with knitting but he never accepts my offer to knit him .. a sweater? … and hat? … a pair of mitts? Oh well, he helps me photograph my knits which is awfully nice and for now, my tween daughter still asks for knitted woolies so I’ll treasure that for as long as I can.