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Inspiration: sea urchin


I know many of you like my photos, so thought I’d share this image with you today.

I often see things in nature that are so beautiful and so awesome that I feel I must take a photographic record of its fleeting beauty.

Take this sea urchin, for example.  We found the shell on the beach just after someone had obviously enjoyed sea urchin lunch (or was it supper?)  Still freshly coloured as in life, the richness of the colours, the delicate detail of the shell, the remainders of its protective spikes all made up an inspiring and beautiful thing to see.  Would it be the same tomorrow?  No.  But here, I have been able to capture that moment in as permanent a state as possible.

I use these photos for my desktop wallpaper – they’re great mood enhancers!  They also form the inspiration for future knitting designs.

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration: sea urchin

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Such fantastic colours and textures, it looks like a piece of jewellery … which I could turn it into a hat, however, I am just not that gifted! Thank you for showing it here. 😉

  2. From this angle, the urchin actually looks like a hat. Maybe a seed stitch body, with a pom-pom on top!

  3. Wow, the Sea Urchin is a work of art. 🙂 Love those textures and shapes. And I agree, he kind of looks like a hat from this angle. A very cool hat. 😉

  4. Thank you for posting this! The photo is beautiful, and so is the shell. The beauty of nature astounds me. 🙂

  5. You’ve captured all the intricate details in your picture, very beautiful creature, I’ve never actually seen a sea urchin before. x

  6. That is lovely, I love sea urchins too!