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Wool is…


absolutely, my favourite fibre.

I admit to a small incident of “falling off the wagon”.

I am supposed to be working on my lovely Autumnal Cardigan…

it’s coming along beautifully.  Only an inch to go before I separate the body at the armholes.  I’m loving it.  I can already tell that I will wear this a lot.  More about it soon.

However, I didn’t have anything 100% wool on the needles for ‘instant gratification’ knitting.  My wrists were complaining (cotton knitting is hard on the wrists).  My patience was complaining (my Autumnal is knitted on 3.75mm needles (US5).  It’s not fast knitting).  And I’ve fallen in love…

It’s called Benbecula, from Rowan.  I’ve been drooling over it for over a week, especially as I also realised I had the perfect yarn for it sitting in my collection.  The fact that it’s a worsted weight (equals fast knitting) and it’s in wrist-friendly, 100% wool was more than enough to make me finally gave in today.

This is Naturally’s Aran Tweed. 100% wool.

I’m 100% happy.


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13 thoughts on “Wool is…

  1. Well… So long as you’re knitting!
    That coat looks exactly like one I saw in River Island the other day 🙂

  2. I love the textures and colors, and the style looks comfy and classy. And it’s in wool! I can see why you HAD to start it. 🙂 Have fun!

  3. The yarn looks lovely. Great pictures!

  4. Lovely yarn AND pattern! I’m sure you’ll be finished in a snap. K

  5. Glad that you found something new, enjoyable, and woolly to make your heart happy 🙂

  6. Wow, that is an awesome pattern! Can’t wait to see the finished object!

  7. I’ll bet you’ll be wearing this one more than any other.

  8. Beautiful wool and a beautiful pattern, I can see why you are 100% happy 🙂

  9. Oohhh, your Autumnal looks great so far (I’m casting on the sleeves today) but I know what you mean about wanting to get back to 100% wool. I’m working on two alpaca projects at the moment but am eyeing what to cast on next with pure wool. Your new project looks beautiful but I’m not as patient as you to be knitting TWO long cardigans at the same time. You are a goddess!

  10. I love the look of that yarn. I almost bought some from Yarn Queen when it was being discounted to $8 per ball but couldn’t find a suitable pattern for it. Now it’s back at full price!

  11. Gorgeous! I love the colour and texture and the pattern.

    Some trivia for you – which you might already know – Benbecula is a very remote Scottish Island. I think it’s a great name and have been completely unable to forget it, since encountering it at work some years back.