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I’m delighted to show you my latest design today:

They’re Sprig.  In Stansborough Mythral, of course.  Just in time to celebrate the first day of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and the first day of Winter for the Northern Hemisphere!

I especially like the cuffs.  I’ve long wanted to have gloves that are a bit more decorative at the cuff than most.  These satisfy that wish!  It’s wonderful to be able to see a design in my head, and find it becoming reality under my hands.

The pattern needs to be charted, and then it will be up for those who are interested in knitting it!

It felt funny to photograph a pair of winter mittens in a field of daisies.  I know that in about three months’ time I shall be glad of their warmth though!


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13 thoughts on “Sprig

  1. That is gorgeous! You are so quick with your designs, I still haven’t written up my mitten base pattern.

  2. Your design and mittens are so beautiful. What a wonderful job! I love the color of the yarn too. You sure did make these up quickly… were really inspired! xoRobin❤

  3. What a great design … I always love motifs inspired by nature and you’re so good at translating such images to knits. The cuff definitely adds a great element to the mitts.

  4. I love the Sprig pattern xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. They look lovely. Getting colder over here (mind you today is wet) maybe an after Chrimbo attempt x

  6. I love the pattern – especially after your nature photos last week! It’s snowing here and they llok very inviting!

  7. Beautiful! I love them. 🙂

  8. Lovely, I like that cuff too….wonder why no-one else does decorative cuffs? they look so pretty 🙂

  9. i would love to knit like that

  10. LOVE the mittens! It’s perfect timing for those of use here in North America! I never really thought about sheep before – you mean the coat (or fleece) just keeps on growing and growing if they’re not shorn (or clipped)? I guess there must be some maximum point. Is the fleece still usable for yarn if it’s old? K

    • Yes, the coat does just keep growing. I don’t know at what point it stops, but it takes several years for that to happen. In the case of the sheep near me, the wool just grew off their backs and trailed behind them in very large dreadlocks. With this fellow, his merino heritage meant that every year he grew closer and closer to resembling a cotton ball on sticks! His fleece looks in very good condition. I don’t know if they’ll use it. I suspect it will be auctioned for charity.