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Hermit sheep



I thought you might enjoy in this news article which talks about another hermit sheep evading capture for six years.  His (her?) fleece is rather impressive!

Image courtesy of Fairfax NZ.

In other news, you might have heard of Wellington’s good-sized shake this afternoon.  We’re all fine.  It gave us a fright, but no damage has occurred.

Hope you are having a nice weekend.


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13 thoughts on “Hermit sheep

  1. Just heard about the quake on FB via Lena who is now in Wton and turning back home to Sweden tomorrow. Must have been a scary experience… Good to know nobody was hurt and all seems ok so far 🙂 Now, just a few days until I have my beautiful yarns!

  2. Glad you are all OK. xx

  3. Very happy to hear you are OK. Amazing story of Horace……….like to get my hands on some of that wool. Hope the rest of your weekend is calmer and less eventful. xoRobin❤

  4. That sheep is very fluffy looking! Gracious! And I’m glad to hear you’re ok. Nature is lovely beyond measure, but it sure can be frightening at times! At least no one was injured and nothing was damaged.

  5. That sheep has managed to avoid other sheep and people for six years. And now, “After the weekend, Horace would begin a new career in public relations, visiting schools and doing publicity work.” Why are they going to torture it!?

    Am glad you and your family are safe, Wei Siew. 🙂

  6. He must be grateful to get rid of that heavy coat for summer and get a good meal. I hadn’t hear about the earthquake until this post ( where have I been?), but thank God you’re all okay down there!

  7. I’m glad to hear you are ok.

    I’m impressed that sheep could move at all. And how smart it is. It was checking to see if it could escape the fence.

  8. Goodness that is a bit scary, glad everyone is fine and it was just a little one. Horace eh….tricky little fellow but look at his fleece, yummy!

  9. Sorry I haven’t written earlier to check on you … relieved to know that everyone is alright! As for the hermit sheep, s/he looks incredibly regal!

  10. Wow, that is some fleece! I had no idea you had an earthquake, glad to hear you’re all ok.