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In my short history of knitting socks, I’ve tried to use a different brand of sock yarn each time I cast on for a new pair.  I love trying out new yarn and discovering the unique properties of each one.  It’s like biting into a chocolate from a box of assortments – you never really know what you’re doing to get until you experience it!

This time, I decided to try Happy Go Knitty‘s new line of BFL sock yarn.  For the uninitiated, BFL is short for Blue-faced Leicester, an English longwool breed of sheep that produces beautifully fine, soft yarn that is also hard wearing.  It’s a cult favourite, and I can see why.

Well!!  What can I say!?  I LOVE this yarn!  There’s one word that sums up my experience so far:  Juicy.

What do I like about it?   Well, at the time I got it, I mentioned that it felt very ‘sproingy’.  It is indeed full of life.  It somehow feels lively, and very elastic and bouncy under the hands.  It has a lot of body without feeling dense.  It’s quite a different experience to merino.

As I knit this sock, a beautiful silky surface with a soft lustre and even stitches is appearing.  It feels like this sock will wear very well even though it has no nylon in it.  I think the strength of the long fibres in the wool will have something to do with that.  I can’t wait to wear them and see how they perform!

I’d heard a lot of good things about BFL, and it has been on my ‘hunt’ list for a while.  I even have a few skeins of natural BFL in my collection (thanks Colette and Kb!)  However, I’d not found a suitable project to knit any of it until I got this sock yarn.  Now I have something to squee about!

As for the colour, I am totally loving the beautiful dye job that Helene has applied to it.  It’s a clear, juicy rapberry pink with soft semi-solid variegation that isn’t pooling or becoming overly stripey.  I think if I had a name for this colourway, I’d call it Raspberry Fizz!

Will I be buying this yarn again?  You bet!


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11 thoughts on “Juicy

  1. I’ve been meaning to purchase some BFL sock yarn.
    You have officially inspired me to get to it!

  2. I’m happy to hear that you’re pleased with the yarn! I have to say that it looks beautiful knitted. Thanks so much for these lovely words.
    Helene xxx

  3. What size needles do you use? I have some 2.5mm Knitpro that I am using for my ‘locker’ socks but have been told to use 2.75mm (I must say that now I am wishing I had really small feet rather then a good size 8 (cont 41/42).

    Nice colour by the way.

  4. I had forgotten how stresful it is having a 17 year old back in the house!! This is going to be a very LONG month!!

  5. Ive been listening to the Spindoctor podcasts in the car lately and she raves about BFL so I have been hankering to try some! I also found the link to the BEST kitchener stitch video I have ever watched, its brilliant at helping you learn a way to memorise it and its not that little rhyme…check it out you won’t regret it 🙂 BTW beautiful socks and I love that colourway too!

  6. Oh I love BFL! It’s one of my favourite yarns. The lustre is wonderful, and it really does make a fantastic sock yarn. Gorgeous colour you’re using!

  7. Sound like it’s worth trying this yarn