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Two beautiful things


No.1  Sunsets

I loved the sunset last night. It was just like a grand painting in the sky.

I watched the sun sink lower and lower, until finally, we got this:

It was awesome and mesmerizing.  That three-dimensional effect of light on the various layers of cloud was stunning.

No.2 Cables

Beautiful sunsets aside, I had an interesting email exchange this morning with a lovely reader who was asking about knitting cables.

The outcome for me was that it got me dangerously sidetracked into finding new and glorious patterns to add to my queue:

Cabled Three Quarter Sleeve Sweater

Image courtesy of Rowan.  This is a free pattern from Rowan, designed by Lisa Richardson.   Nom, nom!!  Love those cables!!  Add to queue.  Start intense ‘thinkings’ about what to knit this sweater with.  (If you’re not a member of this site, you’ll need to sign up (it’s free) to download the pattern).

And how about this cute number?

Wonky Sweater

Another free pattern from Rowan.  It has a cute name too – the Wonky Sweater.  I think I’d knit it a tad longer in the waist because I hate feeling drafts around my mid-section.  However, I love the cable detail to an otherwise simple pullover.  Very nice!  Add to queue.

If you are like me, and starting to think about what you’d like to knit for yourself over the holidays, I hope these two sweaters might provide a bit of inspiration.

In the meantime, may all your Christmas knitting be progressing well!


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12 thoughts on “Two beautiful things

  1. Those are both really nice! I just finished my first sweater (and my first cabled project), and I’ve been sort of obsessed with making more. I have queued so many sweaters these last few days, it’s sort of ridiculous.

  2. THREE beautiful breathtaking images you had to show on your post today. Gorgeous sunset and the knits and free patterns are equally stunning. Thanks for sharing, I can’t imagine free patterns so pretty. Have a merry day, xoRobin❤

  3. Love the sunsets. The second one reminds me of the colors in the yarn I bought in Kentucky. 🙂

  4. Beautiful sunset! I DO like that cable sweater….off to Ravelry to put it in my queue! Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  5. The grey one – yum!!
    Got all the yarns today – love them sooooo much! Will blog tomorrow or day after 🙂

  6. Sometimes I wish I could knit a sunset. They are just so beautiful.

    And thanks for tempting me with the Wonky sweater. My needles are free for a new sweater now and I finished all my holiday knitting yesterday.

    And what yarn ARE you going to knit that lovely sweater in?

    • I know what you mean about knitting a sunset. 🙂 I have been giving what yarn to use a lot of thought! The conclusion is that given I get so much comfort and wear from my 100% wool Gooseberry Cardigan, I think I will use the same yarn for the Wonky Sweater – Little Wool Co.’s pure wool in natural colour.

  7. Our sunsets disappear so quickly now that I find myself having missed most of them over the last few days — thanks for sharing yours. Yes, you’ve completely inspired me to knit a cabley (is that a word?) sweater. I especially like the first one and will head over to Rowan now and queue that one up!

  8. If only I could afford Rowan yarns – I only ever windowshop those…

    • Well… there was that 50% off Rowan at Knit World recently… but yes, it is far too expensive here normally. Sadly. I will be knitting these in substitute yarns.

  9. oh my! I love that Wonky sweater – it would be perfect over tea dresses or layered over shirts and jeans. One to add to my “when I can knit sweaters” pile. Thank you!