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Once upon a time, a lovely young lady in the US thought she might run out of the Zealana Tui she was using to knit a beautiful sweater.  A certain person in NZ happily got her some more, and in return, the lovely young lady sent her a beautiful skein of Moonrover she’d already spun into yarn.

The certain person recently discovered (by being nosey and reading old posts) that this Moonrover had actually been part of the lovely young lady’s birthday present (how special is that!)

The beautiful skein was treasured, and carefully stored, awaiting the perfect project.  Along came Christmas, and the certain person decided it would make the perfect gift.

(This is the Grace lace beret)

It is so lovely I am finding it hard to part with it… but then that’s what makes it special isn’t it?  The gift of giving that keeps on giving… Thank you so much Audry.  🙂  As a non-spinner, I’d never have got to experience this beautiful yarn otherwise.


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6 thoughts on “Special

  1. Beautiful yarn. Beautiful hat. Beautiful story. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous yarn…and the hat is beautiful

  3. I’m so happy you liked it! And I love seeing it all knit up. (And I actually spun it specially for you.)

  4. Gorgeous story about paying it forward. It’s the wool that keeps on giving!

  5. the yarn looks gorgeous and so does the hat.