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Shopping the ‘stash’ again


Today brings us to the final part of my introduction to some of this year’s projects (many of you have guessed right in your comments… this is not the exhaustive list for this obsessed knitting girl. ;))

Of course I can’t not knit something in the gorgeous Mythral.  This is the blue colour, Takahe.  If you have a look at the top picture, you’ll get a true sense of its steel-blue shading.

This is going to become the Minimalist Cardigan.  Some may remember that I was originally going to use the Rata red of the prototype Stansborough yarn, but that is now well on the way to becoming the gorgeous Cabled 3/4 sleeve sweater I showed you the other day.  However, I really want a Minimalist Cardigan in Mythral! So this is it.  I love the colour.

Soft and warm, this lovely South Island organic merino from Treliske is destined to become Pumpkin for my new nephew.

This beautifully muted sage green DK weight merino/mohair mix from Little Wool Company has been in my Collection for a couple of years.  And every year, I promise myself I’ll knit it up.  I keep finding projects, and then discarding them.  My lovely friend Kb knitted her merino/mohair mix into a Greenfield Cardigan.  It looks fabulous.  Recently, the Tangled Yoke Cardigan has begun to look quite tempting for this project.  Who knows, perhaps I might just settle on this one!

The Wool Company’s Perendale is the New Zealand answer to Cascade 220, except that this is DK weight.  Also, having read people’s comments on Ravelry about Cascade, I’d  venture to suggest that the Perendale might be better quality.  I have not found colour bleed when I wash it, nor is it splitty.  The garments I have knitted for my family in this yarn continue to look fresh and beautiful even after years of use.  This is the Tomato colourway.  I’m still not sure what I’ll make this into, although the word “gansey” is starting to make itself heard quite loudly.

Next up, a rich charcoal DK weight merino/alpaca yarn from a small New Zealand business that now sells their fleece to a pool (so you can’t get this yarn any more :()

Perhaps because I know I’ll never get any more, this yarn is another that I have found surprisingly hard to match to a pattern.  I knitted my son a batman cape in this yarn nearly two years ago, and ever since, I have been severely jealous of its softness and how it just doesn’t pill, despite the constant abuse it gets.  I think I have finally found a match though – the Varese Hoodie.  I will give you a word of warning if you’re thinking of buying this pattern – I know we’re in the information age, and it seems everyone in the world but me has an e-reader, but really, 16 pages for a pattern!?  I wasn’t overly impressed.  I guess if you’re an e-reader owner though, you wouldn’t mind, as it is obvious that this pattern was designed with that intention in mind.

Back to the pattern, what sold me on it was seeing how others have translated this pattern.  It’s one of those patterns where people have used their knitting skills to adapt the pattern perfectly to their own particular body shape.  Quite inspirational!  Enough to make me buy the pattern! 😉

In quick succession then, the final few yarns:

Rowan Felted Tweed.  Hurrah!  Finally, a Rowan yarn!!  I have plans for a vest in this, but which one, I still don’t know.  One of the reasons I have spent so much time on the Rowan website has been to try to match a vest pattern to this yarn, but so far, nothing.  I’m thinking… garter stitch, random thin stripes (giving an almost variegated look), round neck.  Anyone seen anything similar?  Perhaps I’ll just have to design my own!

This beautiful, naturally dyed organic merino comes from Skeinz and is one of their flagship brands.  I think it’s the indie blue colour.  It’s going to be a baby hat.

I’ve shown you this lovely Jamieson & Smith yarn before with the intention of turning it into a skirt.  Look – I’ve even got the buttons now!  But now, I’m not sure which skirt.  I suspect the Winter issue of Vogue Knitting is going to come to my rescue.  There’s a Missoni-inspired skirt in there that looks very nice.  I could mix this yarn with some of my variegated yarns for a very artful effect perhaps?  Note to self:  buy the magazine now.  Before it disappears from the shelves!

I thought I’d finish by showing you the cutest Monster Chunk – the pattern I showed you yesterday.  We had to go to the craft store this morning to buy felt and eyes, otherwise a few more would have been finished by now.  They’re very quick, and very easy to do.  I hope the boys like them.

The only mod I have done is to kitchener the toes together rather than turn the foot inside out for a three needle bind-off as suggested by Rebecca Danger.  You may notice I’ve used a different weight yarn for the feet.  To make it proportionate to the body, I added two stitches to the cast-on, and several extra rows to the length of the foot before decreasing.  I’m severely tempted to knit little hats for them… now I’m getting carried away!  It would make them really super cute though…

Tomorrow, I will show you a teapot cosy I knitted today.  It took me half an hour.


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12 thoughts on “Shopping the ‘stash’ again

  1. I love monster chuck and will check out your post from yesterday to see more of him! How fun!

  2. Half an hour? So a day to all us normal peeps!!! (or is it just me who is VERY slow!!)

    I love the monster x

  3. Ooh, great idea! Some yummy sounding combos there. I should do something like this, I’m sure I have no idea what half of my stash is anymore!

    • I highly recommend it. Even though I hadn’t forgotten what was there, it was lovely to play with the yarns again and get excited about what I had.

  4. All those beautiful yarns make me drool. 🙂 And you are so organized, planning ahead for all these projects. Please do share the tea pot cozy; we are tea drinkers, and I have yet to knit a cozy for the pots. Maybe your work will inspire me. 🙂

  5. A knitted batman cape! I am both slightly jealous and very impressed! Are there photos anywhere? (off to search!)

  6. Love seeing/reading your thought process and thinking about all your wonderful projects ahead. Oh, and yes, please knit those little monsters little hats!! xo

  7. Wow – you are really planning out your knitting! Inspiring to see you using your stash. My 2012 goal is to purchase no yarn (unless it’s a vacation memory yarn!). I have enough yarn for 7 year’s worth of knitting (at my current rate of 7,000 yards/year!). Happy New Year.

    • It’s on one hand nice to fall in love again with the yarns I have, but at the same time, I don’t have as much yarn as you, and I’m actually thinking that if I knit solely from my ‘stash’ this year, I’ll probably have hardly any left! It’s a bit of a worry…! Happy New Year to you too!

  8. My stash consists of leftover acrylic and one ball each of a small number of high-end yarns – the latter is too little to make anything with (except maybe mitts) but it’s just nice to have a little of the luxury stuff.
    I also am thinking of buying a whole lot of Jamieson & Smith 2 ply to make a fabulous-looking fairisle cardigan in Veronique Avery’s Classic Knits – but I’m hesitant to send so much dosh overseas when I’m sure to botch it up technique-wise!

    • That J&S is lovely stuff and the perfect yarn for fair isle. A small word of warning though. You will find it scratchy for your very sensitive skin. I think it will soften after washing and wear, but you will want to have a base layer under the cardigan. I have seen some of your colourwork – it’s gorgeous! I don’t think you’ll botch it up at all.