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A Very Gorgeous Cardigan


I got a wonderful surprise the other day when I visited Mia’s blog to find this (copied from her page):


This gorgeous work of cables is knitted in Stansborough Mythral, in the Kakariki colour.  I just love what she’s done!

Please visit her blog here for more photos and details.

Thank you Mia, for choosing to use Mythral.  I hope you get many, many happy years of wear from your beautiful project.


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7 thoughts on “A Very Gorgeous Cardigan

  1. Whoops! Thank you ❤
    Yes, this cardigan will be used a lot and be a favourite for many years.
    I am so in love with the yarn – will for sure bring more of it back home when visiting NZ in April. Would LOVE to come see you in person, but as we only stay for two weeks time is too short to travel south. Hope next time we can stay longer and visit also Wellington and the South Island 🙂

  2. Wow! It looks amazing doesn’t it. I knitted some of you quick mitts (the garter stitch ones) and my friend had her eye on them but I am afraid that I wore them as I couldn’t find my others and once worn, they will now be saying at Poppy Cottage!!

  3. Agreed! Very gorgeous!

  4. Ohh, it’s stunning! Thanks for linking to Mia’s post about her beautiful cardi.

  5. great cabling and they show up so well!

  6. Oh, and my Ravelry ID is….not sure, but if you mean what I log in as, it’s “violetc”. Look me up!