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Creating fabric, stitch by stitch


You either love it, or hate it.  Obviously, knitters love it.

I’m talking about the process of knitting.  One loop after another, stitch by stitch, a beautiful fabric forms under your hands.  Thousands upon thousands of repetitions that result in something quite wonderful.

I think that’s one of the things I love most about knitting – seeing something beautiful take shape out of a whole lot of string.

There are so many aspects to love about knitting: The joy of selecting the materials and pattern and combining them into an object of beauty.  The meditative process, the click of needle against needle, the curl of squishy yarn around the needle, the feel of the yarn threading its way through fingers.  The way a beautiful cushiony fabric starts forming under hands.  The view of a single thread of beautiful colour, sometimes unvarying, at other times a surprise at every stitch.  Seeing a fully fashioned fabric taking shape by the sheer effort of your own two hands.  The joy of learning a new stitch combination, and seeing mastery of the skill happening before one’s very eyes.  And the happiness one gets (most of the time!) in wearing a beautiful finished creation and in the admiration it receives from others.

In knitting, there is no waste.  A small handful of ends of yarn.  Some even manage to avoid most of that with clever ways of joining yarn.  And if you make a mistake, you simply pull the yarn back and start again.

Garment shaping is done as part of the knitting, with decreases and increases.  Fabric texture brought about by the use of clever combinations of just two stitches – knit or purl.

It never ceases to fascinate me.

Cedar Grain is coming along very well.  All I need to do now is complete the back bodice and the sleeves, put in the button band and sew on buttons (which I still have to find…!)

I’m really enjoying it.  🙂


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8 thoughts on “Creating fabric, stitch by stitch

  1. Wonderful ! This blog, again, put a huge smile on my face.. thanx 🙂
    Reads like poetry really..
    Curious about the complete Cedar Grain, thusfar it looks great anyway..!

  2. What a lovely post 🙂 I agree with Jose. It really does read like poetry! Thanks for sharing your beautiful sentiments with us. Best of luck finishing up Cedar Grain! It sounds like you’re truly enjoying the process of making it!

  3. What a beautiful description of a wonderful craft……………..knitting is surely food for the soul.

    Thanks for your lovely positive comments on my blog, I fear I may just have a case of the January blues, will just have to get over myself, lol. x

  4. To all your lovely descriptions, I would add the smell of the yarn. (Well, many wools, anyway.) I made an afghan a few years ago, and when it keeps me warm at night, I always find it a little bit amazing that I made all that, one stitch at a time. 🙂

  5. I have to agree with the entirety of this post. Knitting is just such a wonderful, fascinating thing that (usually) only knitters understand! Love how the shawl is turning out!

  6. Knitting is meditation for me and a forced spell at sitting down so my feet and legs get a break. I love that if we choose our fibres carefully it is using a renewable resource and makes an item that is appreciated, not some petroleum based throwaway junk. I bought some alpaca yarn yesterday and am loving it.

  7. The re-knitability of knitted fabric is my favourite thing about knitting, apart from the meditative aspect of making stitch at a time. I make so many mistakes, and I just get away with that if I were sewing.