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Time to…


come up with something pretty.

I’ve been playing with yarn again.  Flowers on the brain.

I’m absolutely loving this design.  It’s flowing, but textured.  Pretty and stylish (well, I think so anyway!)

It’s surprisingly easy, despite looking complicated.

More soon.


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8 thoughts on “Time to…

  1. Very nice. i am sitting here in front of the computer doing boring course work. Still, a few more questions then I am done!! Sadly not even going to re-read it as am totally fed up with it. That looks really lovely. The lady from the wool shop is going to contact you, hope that is OK. (about posting a link to your website).

    Thank you for the other information.


  2. Looks bliss !
    Can’t wait for the ‘more to come’… 🙂

  3. Beyond cozy … it’s chilly in New York and I would love to wrap myself up in your very pretty new project. xo

  4. That sounds like all the hallmarks of a good design. I wonder what it could be.

  5. can’t wait for the pattern!

  6. Looks tricky but lovely 🙂

  7. Very pretty pattern, and in my fave colour too………love those little knitted monster favours from your previous post…….handmade is the best, especially when it’s truly appreciated and loved.