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The other day I showed you a sneaky peek of my new design.  Here’s more of it, in current form:

Now, the thing is this:  I have decided I don’t like it.  It’s a F.A.I.L.  Dear me, this bad knitting thing doesn’t seem to be going away.

After knitting two test versions, it’s definitely not on the ‘like’ list.  I’m working on a variation of this, and I hope to goodness that it works out!

On a positive note, my sister’s Cedar Grain has turned out beautifully.  All I need to do is put the button bands on it, and then I can show you!  It’s cuddly and squishy and lovely, and I hope she likes it.

Today, I thought I would amuse you with a story about the perils of staying up late and of owning a cat.  After a day of very unsatisfactory knitting results (see above!), I decided that I’d turn my hand to a pair of fingerless gloves that I have burbling at the back of my brain.  I soon learned that pretty in the picture and mind sometimes does not equal pretty in the knitting.  At 3am, I unravelled the whole lot, and went to bed, feeling quite frustrated.

At 3.30am, the henceforth re-christened Stupid Cat decided he’d try his luck with the cat flap.  Now, in NZ, we are encouraged to keep the kitty in at night to help protect our native wildlife.  As this fellow is an awfully avid hunter, I do my bit.  Even though he’s been kept inside at night since he was a kitten, the Stupid Cat does not seem to have got the message into his tiny brain that one Stays Inside At Night.  Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch (read that really fast).  “SHUT UP ROLY!!”  5 minutes of peace.  Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch. “CAT!!!”  Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch!

I wondered if he had forgotten that he has a litter box inside the house.  I got out of bed, deposited him in his box (massive hint to Stupid Cat) and went back to bed.  Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch.  I decided that it would be best to ignore him in the hope that he’d eventually get tired of scratching at an unresponsive cat flap, and stop.  But no.  This went on for half an hour or maybe an hour.  Angry tic began to form under eye.  I decided that enough was enough, got out of bed and locked him in another room where he could produce no annoying noises.

In the morning, I was very tired.  So tired, that I could not knit a stitch all day.  It felt like I was massively hung over, even though I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol.

I also discovered that the Stupid Cat had also proceeded to shred the newly hung wallpaper in the room he was locked in.  It was one of those “….” moments.  If Stupid Cat was mine, I’d be looking to re-home him right now.  Unfortunately, he is my son’s cat.

Today, I still feel a little fragile.  I think I also have a virus or ear infection of some kind.  I feel nauseous at side-to-side movement or sudden change of altitude.

Perhaps I should just stick to knitting other people’s designs for a while.  It seems to be producing happier results.


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19 thoughts on “Perils

  1. I think your ‘fail’ cowl has lots of potential. I actually like it as it is, although if the bottom flat piece could be removed/shortened I think it will look great. Don’t know if you were going for a heavily sculpted knotty piece – but you succeeded and it looks super cozy in the yarn you used.

    Sleep deprivation is a soul-sucking thing. Hope you have your knitting mojo back.

  2. Sending you good energy for healing and feeling better. (((hugs))) It is too bad about the cat. 😦 You have my empathy. The past week has been a rough one for a lot of people.

    • And think of your “fails” as ways of learning what does and does not work. All Masters have failures . . . that’s what comes from trying new things. 🙂 [But you are right; they are discouraging.]

  3. Oh no, what a shame! I hope you’re feeling better soon. It can totally knock you back when you don’t get a good nights sleep. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping lately myself, so I know that feeling of hungover without being hungover well!

    Pity about the design fail, I quite like the look of the cables. Any chance it could be rescued, or is it back to the drawing board entirely?

    • Thanks. 🙂 I still like the basic concept, and judging from reactions I’ve got to the design, it’s not entirely a fail, which is very heartwarming. I have another design half-completed now using the same cable, which I really love, and I think this will be ‘it’. However, I might release the pattern for the ‘fail’ as a freebie, so that those who want it can knit it. Hope you get some proper sleep soon too. It’s an awful thing not being able to get a good night’s rest.

  4. I’m going to continue our conversation via a pm but I just wanted to quickly send you hugs as you gain back your equilibrium. Take a walk outside (I see that it’s 70 in your part of the world today) and soak up some sunshine … after that, take a spot of tea. xo

  5. It is impossibe and really a waste of time trying to ignore a determined cat, no matter what people say. I know this from experience. Hope you feel better soon the nice weather might help.

  6. Ironically I love the new cowl design 🙂 hugs, rose

  7. I get that feeling of nausea if I’m overtired so it may not be a virus. I’m afraid our cats do get to go outside at night; normally they don’t catch anything and if they do it’s often a mouse or a sparrow. So far I’ve rescued all the silvereyes before they’ve hurt them.

    • Stupid Cat fortunately hasn’t caught birds yet. I rescued yet another skink from his clutches today. Sigh. Feeling a lot better today – perhaps you are right. Maybe I was just over tired.

      • Glad you’re feeling better. Btw, Stupid Cat sounds like one of our previous cats called Dennis the Menace; he was not a good hunter, his method of catching birds involved waiting for one to brain itself on a window and then catching it! Our 2 girls that we have now are true hunters; if they can’t find birds or mice they’ll go for butterflies. I let them keep the white ones, but not the rest.

  8. oh no, get yourself checked out if your ear’s bothering you. Ear infections do knock you off balance and it’s not surprising that you’re a little out of sorts with things. Cats would be dangerous if they had bigger brains, I think.

  9. Some nights Scooter does the same thing. Except it’s barking rather than scratching. Maybe the cat will be so tired he’ll be asleep tomorrow night.

  10. Sat here with Marmalade doing his ‘I need to be near you’ lay on the keyboard sort of thing so totally understands the brainless cat thing. I think that they seem to get moor dense as the get older!!

    Hope your feeling better soon, I like the cowl by the way.


  11. I think it’s all that sleep deprivation too. Have a bath, read something completely unrelated to knitting and wear earplugs!

    • You know what’s really funny? I decided to read something not related to knitting last night, and instead of my eyeballs rolling to the back of my head within 5 minutes (as usual), I was still awake, half an hour later! I think I’m just a bit hyper at the moment, for whatever reason. I blame it on the solar storm.

  12. I’m behind on all my bloggy friends posts but just reading this one thought i would help with the cat problem. Get a cat box and instead of the spare room lock him in the small box. He will soon get the message that waking you at night means the sin-bin and will stop. Tinky hardly ever gets put in the sin-bin these days….she knows how bad it is to spend the night in a small box instead of on my bed 🙂

    • I had actually considered that one. I wondered whether it might be too cruel to imprison him for a night, but having suffered yet another disrupted night of sleep (the cat has tactfully made himself very scarce this morning), I think I might try that. Thanks!