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This cannot wait


Thank you everyone, for your very sympathetic remarks to my last post.  You cheered me up no end!  😀

After a reasonable night’s sleep, today I got the design I wanted.  It’s set:  This is Cadeau.

These are just the test shots.  But I was sooooooo happy to have got what I wanted, that I had to show you right away!!

Now, a bit more about the pattern:  Cadeau is the French word for gift.  I called it Cadeau because the cabled knots reminded me of bows and ribbons – like a beautifully wrapped gift.  You can see from my last post that I originally wanted to have the entire cowl cabled, but the detail got lost in the mass of cables.  I think the minimalist approach works better (thanks Audry for your behind-the-scenes encouraging feedback in this area).

There is more to come:  I am knitting v.3 of Cadeau as I write.  The next version will have more length and a higher neck line for extra warmth and snuggliness.  I’ll release both versions (this shorter one and the longer one) as a two-in-one pattern.

Best of all, this pattern is my Valentine’s Day gift to you, and will be free until February 14. So keep a watch out – I’ll most likely release the pattern around the weekend, all going well.

Cadeau is knitted in Zealana Tui, a gorgeous chunky weight merino/cashmere/possum blend that is soft and warm and so very cuddly.  It’s a softly spun two ply in a thick/thin spin, and I think it works beautifully with this pattern.  The pattern will come in small and medium sizing (the pictured knit is in small – you can see it pulls a little around my shoulders).

Off to knit more pretty cowl now!


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8 thoughts on “This cannot wait

  1. I wish I had your drive!! Just finished grown up Birthday cake, off to London tomorrow to deliver said scrummy cake and see Jose. That cowl is the sort of thing Jose would love, maybe I should be a nice mummy……

    • Happy Birthday! (Is it you or your son?) I’m so glad you said that Jose might like it. I was thinking of my own 18yr old when I put this together, so I’m pleased!! Thank you.

      • The Birthday is Jose, 18 year old girl now legal to drink in London!! Oh deary me!!

        Better get sending it over, it is a bit nippy here xx

  2. Congratulations on getting it to look as you imagined! 🙂

  3. Lovely result – but sorry it took so many attempts to get what you liked! I leave this Saturday for our two week holiday, but I’ll be on the look out for the pattern the moment we get home! Hope the lingering idea of an illness has been give a boot to the curb!

  4. Oh wow! That really looks good. I’m so happy to see the detail in your cabling come out. It looks much, much better.

  5. Oh yes this is the one! Beautiful and I love the yarn you used too 🙂

  6. Those cables!! They are beautiful! I’m glad you finally got managed to get the pattern how you wanted it, great result 🙂