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I decided last night, having finished the main knitting on Cadeau that it was time I got rid of some of the UFOs hanging around the house before starting the new things I am itching to get into.

You may remember Creekbed from back in September last year.  I got to half-way point, and then lost interest.  Looking at it last night, I remembered the reason that I suddenly lost interest.  I began to realise as I got to halfway point that I’d have a very wide scarf upon completion based on my number of colour changes and rows.  It would also have a ‘pointy’ edge going down the length of the scarf, on both sides.  This did not appeal.  I had visions of me looking clownish walking down the street with a massively frilled neckline and flappy scarf…

Examining the article in question, and feeling rather annoyed at the waste of yarn (all those socks I could have knit with it!) it occurred to me that I did not actually have to knit the entire scarf… what if I bound it off at the garter section where I’d stopped, which was conveniently half-way?  Then I’d have a scarf of more conventional width, and despite the two pointy edges would be more to my taste?


I’m very glad I did bind off where I stopped.  Now that it’s off the needles, I see it has turned out a lot shorter than I thought it would be (which is very puzzling, because I knitted a lengthwise scarf a while ago using the same number of stitches and it’s satisfactorily very long).  If it was any wider, it would have been a total disaster.

So there we have it… half a creekbed.

I’m not totally happy with the way it curls.  I blocked it very carefully, and even steam-pressed it.

I think I had better let go of of the idea that the edges will stay nice and flat.  It looks fine.  Best of all, it’s very comfy.  That 100% merino sock yarn is perfect – warm but not too warm.  Perfect for change of seasons weather.  It weighs a total of 150gm (approx 6oz), which is an nice weight for around the neck.

I’ve used some beautiful New Zealand indie sock yarns to knit this – Knitsch and Fibre Alive.  It’s ravelled here if you want to know details.

Another bonus:  I have enough yarn left over for at least three pairs of socks.  Hehe!!

9 thoughts on “half a creekbed

  1. I like the size you made. And the curling doesn’t obscure the pattern. The amount of color you put into it really lets the pattern show through.

  2. I think you made a very wise choice with your Creekbed scarf. It looks quite nice! And from the pictures you provided, it doesn’t look very curly on the edges. I like the earthy colors and the simple pattern. There is a warm, natural feel to it. I hope you truly enjoy your half-a-creekbed!

  3. You are soooo clever. I have to be honest and say that I was never taken with Creekbed for exactly the reason why you stopped knitting it. While I love chevrons and missoni-style zig-zags, I also like cleaner edges so your mod is awesome! And what pretty yarn.

  4. It LOOKS like a creekbed! I remember when you talked about the colors, and they definitely work with this scarf. And besides, a scarf is meant to be worn, not flat where someone can examine for “flaws.” 🙂

  5. Ooh, I looove those colours! The yarn sounds delicious. Glad you managed to salvage your knit in the end, it certainly looks a good width!

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