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The half-stretchy bind off


I want to tell you about this bind off method today, as it is featured in Cadeau (which I hope, all going well today, will be released tomorrow).

This bind off is not one I have been able to read about anywhere, so I suspect that this might be one of the first times it is publicly ‘uninvented’.  As Mrs. Zimmerman so accurately pointed out, I’m sure other knitters before me have already been using this method but just not telling anyone about it!

Anyway, what is the half-stretchy bind off?  It’s a bind off that I uninvented to give my bind off edge more stretch than a conventional bind off, but with less bulk than a normal stretchy bind off (I just don’t like the look of that bind off for some reason).

It gives exactly the same appearance as a normal bind off:

The basic premise is that you knit one stretchy bind off (but with a twist), but the next one is normal.  That’s all.  It works very nicely.

Here’s how:

Start with one knit stitch.  *Slip the next stitch to your right needle without knitting it, and then knit the two on your right needle together through the back loops (like in a SSK).  Now knit another stitch, and bind off the previous stitch over that one*.  Repeat * to * until you have finished your bind off.  It’s that easy.

Someone will now tell me where you can find tutorials, etc. for it… hehe.  But in the meantime, as I haven’t been able to find materials on the subject, I’m telling you about it here as a little taster of one or two of the more interesting parts of Cadeau.

Watch out for more tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “The half-stretchy bind off

  1. Thank you for this info 🙂 I have been binding off the old way for a very long time…hugs, rose

  2. That is a lovely twist. I have recently been using the stretchy bind off a lot with childrens armholes on garments (you never know how chubby they can get), but using normal on the body. I think your half one will work very well for me on the body – Thank you

  3. That is a nice bind off, I’m going to bookmark it 🙂