Mittens for a little girl

A friend wanted to send her friend’s daughter some mittens.  She asked if I’d knit them for her.  We had such fun playing in my yarn collection, choosing colours!

She needed them rather quickly, so I knit these over the weekend.

I especially love the pink and green stripey ones.

Here they are, kindly modelled by the young man who declared that they were very comfortable, but the colours weren’t quite right for him. ;-D

They’re done in a combination of Knitsch 100% merino (pink – Sweetheart) and Fibre Alive Merino Mania (green – Lemonza) sock yarns.    The colours go together well, no?

The green and blue are knitted in fingering weight possum yarn (Jamie Possum and Zealana Kauri).  If I had more time, I would have reknit these.  I am not happy about the placement of the stripes and the buttons – they need to go to the other side of the hand.  I’m twitching just looking at them on the screen… eeeeeh.  My friend told me not to fuss.  I guess that’s the most important thing – she likes them!  At least they’ll be warm and cuddly and help to keep one little girls’ hands warm come winter.

It was quite fun knitting them.

12 thoughts on “Mittens for a little girl

  1. Pretty Snazzy!! Trying to knit Jose some black alpaca ones at the moment but I am really not enjoying the yarn, was really soft when it was in a ball but it is really odd to knit. (hence why that are taking soooo long!) Congratulations to the model by the way, very important job!!

  2. Talk about cheerful! I don’t mind the buttons being on the “inside” of the hands … I think they look great and the color combos are spot on.

  3. I’m always amazed by the speed of your knitting. 2 pairs in one weekend! I love both of them, but especially the pink and green. Such fun colours! Looks perfect for a little girl 🙂

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