9 weeks

How much can one person knit in nine weeks?

I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a challenge.  Here’s my list:

4 pairs of plain socks
1 woman’s cardigan
1 hat
1 man’s pullover
3 children’s cardigans
1 baby pullover

I’ve planned out the knitting schedule, and I think I can do it.

Why the hurry?  Well, there’s going to be a bit of a family ‘do’ in nine weeks’ time, and I want to give everyone there a little present.  It’s my version of Christmas – we’ll be into Autumn by then, and people will appreciate receiving something warm.  Plus it will be fun – it will be the first time we’ve all been together for quite a while and it’s always nice to take gifts on an occasion like that.

Nine weeks are two months and one week after all.  If I keep to my schedule, it should get done.

The first couple of garments are reasonably on their way…

She says, hopefully.  Not thinking about the other things not on this list that she also wants to finish knitting…

14 thoughts on “9 weeks

  1. That is some list! Good luck!!!
    Crumbs, if I managed to get enough time to knit all that I think I’d explode with excitement! My day will come, just need to grow the kids up a bit… ; )

  2. Lovely ambition 🙂 Sounds very nice, sure your familiy will love it !
    Wishing you good luck, or better maybe, happy knitting ! I reckon you’re gonna turn into some kind of hermit for the next 9 weeks then… ?

  3. Holy moly, woman – that’s quite a list! I’ll be hanging over your upcoming posts to find out if you can manage it all in the timeframe you’ve allowed yourself. Pretty durned amazing….

  4. Are you going to knit them according to size.
    Get the smaller items out of the way first?????

    Oh, forget about answering that – – – – – get ta knittin’.


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