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Hand knitted socks made with hand dyed yarn are pretty.

They’re also comfortable.  So very comfortable and cushiony.

They are the ultimate luxury for feet – they’re custom-made, so they fit your foot. Perfectly.  (These are a bit small because they’re not for me).  They’re warm, but also cool, because they’re made from wool.

The wool is elastic, the sock hugs your foot in a warm, gentle embrace and that makes them even more comfortable.

Gift no.1 is complete.  🙂

Knitted with Fibre Alive Merino Mania sock yarn, in the Double Happy colourway.

I have to put my old, machine knit socks back on again now.

I think I need more pretty, new hand knitted socks for me.


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7 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Those socks look lush & lovely !
    The contrast with machine-knitted ones is quite..big.. ( though no intend to insult your outfit of course.. ) 😉 I guess if you don’t need the buffer weeks in your tight knitting scheme, a socky gift for yourself would be nice too… ?

  2. Yes you do … I hope you get to knit yourself a pair soon! xo

  3. They are beautiful, and what an excellent name for the colourway!

    I am working on the heel flap of the first sock that I have ever made. I really hope that they turn out ok as I am so fed up with store bought socks with a seam over the toes and too-tight ribbing at the top. I shall pick them up right now and carry on, in fact.

  4. I think you do too. More hand knit socks for everyone!

  5. Love the yarn colours! They’ll definitely make for happy feet.