Protecting the birds

Recently, Claudia Edam of The Yarnsisters (the US distributor of Zealana yarn) was interviewed by about possum yarn and the ecological benefits of knitting with it.  It’s an interesting and informative video.  Have a look!

If you’d like to know more about possums and why they are so bad for New Zealand, have a look at my page on possum yarn.

10 thoughts on “Protecting the birds

  1. I love Zealana yarn – I bought some blood red Kauri when I was last in NZ last year. It is so beautiful, although I can’t quite bring myself to make anything with it yet!

  2. If you like silver grey – leave a comment on my giveaway post before Sunday. I’m giving away a lovely little silver great project bag that I’ve made. Perfect for socks!
    I’ll even post to NZ!

  3. It had been a looong TNNA and I was totally unprepared for the surprise interview. It’s a bit painful to watch, but thanks! It’s a subject very dear to my heart.

    1. Although you did seem quite nervous for about a minute (who wouldn’t, being put on the spot like that!?) you spoke very well and your message was clear and informative. Well done you! 🙂

  4. Great interview, Claudia! Now I am even more excited about the Tui yarn that is on it’s way. :-). Thank you for posting this, Wei Siew — I did not understand the story about New Zealand possum fiber before.

  5. The thing I didn’t know but think is particularly important to state is that the yarn cannot be made with animals who have been cruelly killed. This really does show that the yarn is better for the possums too because well, they are going to be killed either way. =/
    It’s unfortunate that it would come to this but I think this yarn really shows how to make something good out of a sucky situation.
    Thank you for sharing! =]

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