I tripped…

The problem when I start playing with pretty sock yarn is that I see my little stash getting smaller… and start to worry I might not have any more soon!

So what to do, when your heart goes ‘hoppety hoppety’ extra fast, every time you knit another row in a pretty yarn?  Just to clarify:  that’s the ‘hoppety’ of “oh my god, I love these colours!” and the ‘hoppety’ of “oh my god, but that’s one less skein to adore in my collection!”

I’m not meant to be buying any more yarn… but the other day I made a terrible mistake and my fingers accidentally clicked on to the Fibre Alive site.

You know the feeling when you do that sharp intake of breath…?

Yeah.  My wallet sort of fell open too.

These beautiful 100% NZ merino sock yarn babies are mine now. All mine!!!!  Tee hee.

15 thoughts on “I tripped…

  1. These things just sort of happen. I got all of my stash out from every corner of my house to start winding add balls into tidy wool cakes with the wool winder, my theory is then I shall be able to see what i have (or how big a problem I have!!) and although I never need to buy wool again for the rest of my life, my new ‘sometimes’ job in the fantastic wool shop means I have no chance of that. My wages just never even got out of the door last time!!

    The socks look wonderful.

    C x

    1. Hahaha. I figured that theory doesn’t work for me a while ago! 😉 Still, it’s nice to know what you have and be able to lay your hands on it when you want it. Jobs in yarn stores are dangerous. You may as well just work for yarn…

  2. I have that same reaction. Oh no, there’s space in my yarn cabinet, must fill it again! And the cycle continues… Those are some lovely colors. 🙂

  3. ow.. that yarn looks great ! I took a quick peek at the Fibre Alive site too, now.. think I should try some fundraising here…lol…
    ( is one of those skeins becoming a lovely pair for yourselves ? )

  4. Sunday we were 100 feet away from the most wonderful yarn store within 200 miles, and I refused to to get any closer, because I knew I would not be able to walk away without $100 of yarn. I wouldn’t dare actually work in a yarn store — I’d be in the hole all the time! lol

    1. That was extremely self-controlled! I don’t think I could have resisted the smallest peek… (which of course, as you rightly point out, would have resulted in an acquisition of some kind).

  5. OMG, what yummy-looking yarns – every last one of them! I just KNEW those gorgeous colours wanted – no, needed – to be part of my stash!

    Well, I can dream, because that’s all I’m going to be doing for awhile. My New Year’s Resolution this year is to try to make a dent in The Stash by knitting this year’s projects using only yarn I already have (because, not to put too fine a point on it, The Stash is beginning to take over my house).

    This, of course, means one thing only: cold turkey on the buying. AAARGH!

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