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The Cardigan tales

I have a small confession.

I was going great guns on the cardigan.  The body is done and one sleeve almost finished.  But somewhere along the line, my interest waned… I blame the socks.

They were, um, slightly addictive.

I used a German yarn this time – ONline Supersocke 100.  2.25mm needles.  It’s a lovely colour, but I’m not sure I’ll use the yarn again.  I found it quite splitty to work with (obviously, this did not stop my enthusiasm for knitting the sock though…!)

To make myself feel better about not finishing my niece’s cardigan yet I went looking for, and found, all the items of haberdashery I need to finish the cardi (a little bit of pretty ribbon and some buttons).  I figure I’ll pick up the needles again tonight.

I have also cast on for this (Gemma).  It has taken me a while to find the pattern I wanted to knit, but I found it today! Do you ever have a picture in your head of the thing you know will suit someone and then it’s really hard to find that exact pattern?  That was me, looking for Gemma.  So happy that Hilary Smith Callis came up with the pattern I wanted!

I’m going to knit it in this:

This is Little Wool Co.’s pure wool in DK.  The colour is Damson.

Hope to have something pretty to show you soon.