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The Cardigan tales


I have a small confession.

I was going great guns on the cardigan.  The body is done and one sleeve almost finished.  But somewhere along the line, my interest waned… I blame the socks.

They were, um, slightly addictive.

I used a German yarn this time – ONline Supersocke 100.  2.25mm needles.  It’s a lovely colour, but I’m not sure I’ll use the yarn again.  I found it quite splitty to work with (obviously, this did not stop my enthusiasm for knitting the sock though…!)

To make myself feel better about not finishing my niece’s cardigan yet I went looking for, and found, all the items of haberdashery I need to finish the cardi (a little bit of pretty ribbon and some buttons).  I figure I’ll pick up the needles again tonight.

I have also cast on for this (Gemma).  It has taken me a while to find the pattern I wanted to knit, but I found it today! Do you ever have a picture in your head of the thing you know will suit someone and then it’s really hard to find that exact pattern?  That was me, looking for Gemma.  So happy that Hilary Smith Callis came up with the pattern I wanted!

I’m going to knit it in this:

This is Little Wool Co.’s pure wool in DK.  The colour is Damson.

Hope to have something pretty to show you soon.


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20 thoughts on “The Cardigan tales

  1. I think the first cardigan is so lovely. I’d love a full size version. No harm in dreaming. One day maybe and the socks are wonderful, colours are great.

    Hope you are having a good week.

    • I’m definitely planning on a full-size version. Only I’ll do it the traditional way and knit it as a tube and steek it – so much easier!! The purling and calculating decreases and associated pattern changes in the shaping of this little cardi are killing me!

  2. what an absolutely stunning colour!

  3. I love your socks! I’ve got many projects in my basket that are waiting patiently as I finish my stripey socks. 🙂

  4. Those socks are exquisite, and the next cardi looks to be another winner – beautiful! You’ll get back to the fair isle when you’re reacy.

  5. hmm.. your posts tend to give one a case of ‘the wanties’ … concerning yarn and things to knit.. 😉

  6. If I had cast on those socks, I would have been distracted, too (although you know how easily I get distracted). I wouldn’t have thought that the yarn would be split-y but I love the colors and the self-striping — is was self-striping, yes? As for your niece’s cardigan, this is something that will be treasured always. It’s absolutely beautiful. And I can’t wait to see your Gemma. The yarn you’ve chosen is to die for!

  7. The socks look good! I have a colourway in ONline, too, and it just knit sup so fast!

    As for Gemma, I am adding it to my queue now! with such a simple, classic construction, you can do anything to it, or keep it the same. My wheels are spinning now!

  8. Same happened to my fair isle waistcoast… now it is just staring angrily at me from the back of my yarn basket…. sigh.

  9. Socks! Socks are my mainstay, having knit more than fifty pair in the four years I’ve been knitting seriously.
    Absolutely love the Gemma. Hilary’s Citron Shawl is on my needle right now.
    Your color choice is one I absolutely LOVE! ! !
    Next on my needle will be my first attempt at a ‘real sweater’ [this statement = Shalom Cardi is not a real sweater]
    Intagliata Henley by Connie Chang Chinchio I have MadelineTosh waiting at the post office for my signature for it’s release. My teeth are chattering with excitement.

  10. Darn it woman! I’ve just added another cardigan to my queue 😉 btw, love love love those socks!!

  11. Does this mean you are a bit behind on your knitting goal now? I really, really like those socks. There is just something about those colors.

  12. I have been having trouble with my reader so i am missing posts 😦 Have just played catch up and wow you have certainly set yourself a challenge…all that in 9 weeks! I am still trying to finish my socks from January LOL Glad to hear that the ‘sin bin’ worked for you….i just jailed my new kitten in the box this morning for rushing thru the door as soon as I open it, it worked he is on his best behaviour now 🙂 I love seeing all your knitting, you are a definitely a knitting ninja 🙂

    • I ended up working a new method with Brainless… I taped up the door. It ended up getting silly. Now he doesn’t scratch at all – he knows to meow to come in, and meow to go out, and we’re both happy. ;p

  13. That colour is gorgeous.
    I love the look of fair isle but it will one of those things on my list of things to aim for (rather than to do any time soon). A full-on fair isle cardigan is a project I’d work in short bursts, alternating with simpler cable projects and tv-knitting.

  14. The cardigan is beautiful. Your colour choices exquisite. I have dreadful difficulty in knowing what colours to put together. I keep trying but just don’t have the knack.