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Tango with Gemma

It’s like dancing.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Knit three rows, frog two back.  It took me two hours to knit this much of Gemma yesterday.  It’s only a 96 stitch row.

I’m not the world’s most expert lace knitter.  Even though I’m now reasonably familiar with lace stitches, this was tough going.  I find it hard to keep track of all those yarn overs and K2togs until I have a repeat of some kind memorised in my head (or I can see the pattern developing and work out what I’m supposed to do next).  Trying to make sense of what I was doing here took me three tries.  My eyes were so tired I could barely see straight after that.

Here’s the detail:

So purty!  Definitely worth it.

Then I had to do short rows to shape the back of the neck.  I got through that fine, so I thought, except that I then noticed the shaping wasn’t quite symmetrical with the middle point of the collar.  If I left it like that, the cardigan would be misshapen.  Sigh.  Rip. Rip. Rip.

So a total of nearly three hours of knitting left me with… the above.  Perhaps this wasn’t the best knit to select for a time-pressured project!

Never mind.  I knitted the short rows again, and this time the section came out right.  From what I can see of the rest of the pattern, it’s fairly straight forward after that, and now I’m up to the final increase row before I divide for the sleeves.  Hopefully, if I can ignore the sock, I’ll finish Gemma in good time!

I finished the first sleeve of the baby cardi today.  One more sleeve, and it’s done!

Just eight weeks to go! One more adult pullover, two kids’ cardigans, one baby pullover, two pairs of socks, and a hat left to do.  Better shuffle off and do more knitting.