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Two down, how many to go?


I must painfully admit to a lack of discipline with the projects for my 9 weeks of knitting.

Many of the projects are almost done.  In fact, both Gemma and the baby cardi are finished but for the lack of a sleeve.  But then something happens, and I just have to cast on for another!  I feel a little like one of the kids visiting Willy Wonka’s magical candy factory – and not knowing which sweet to try next.

What happened in this case is:  The other night, I was sitting at my desk, and I’d finished with the day’s emailing and blogging, and it was time to get out the knitting.  One snag:  I had a purry, sleeping cat on my lap.  And all my projects were on a chair.  Over there.

The kitty was getting some undeserved sympathy.  He had been very naughty the night before, and refused to answer the call to come in for the night.  As a result, he got into an enormous cat fight in the night (I heard it!), and had showed up some time during the middle of the next day looking rather worse for wear, and very sorry for himself.   He’d been scratched across the nose, had a couple of deep claw punctures on his hind quarters and was limping.

Fortunately, all he needed was some good food, plenty of cuddles and lots of sleep on a nice, warm lap, and he’s now back to his usual self.  I just hope none of those punctures abscess.

Anyway, I digress.  So, here I was with a sleeping, not-to-be-disturbed cat on my lap and no access to the knitting in progress.  What to do?  At the back of my working area, I keep my basket of projects-in-queue, all ready to go on the needles.  And out of this basket, I drew the next thing to knit, a little puffed sleeve cardi for my niece.

Here is Roly, purring away, supervising my photo shoot of the project (you can barely see the scratch on his nose now):

The cardi is quite a fast knit.  Small things are (it’s a 6 – 7 yr old size).

I love this soft, green tea shade of green.  It should go very well with my niece’s red hair.  Annoyingly, I only have four balls of this colour, and even though it’s a short-sleeved thing, I have a nasty suspicion that I need one more ball.  I have a ball of creamy beige in the same yarn, so I will probably do the sleeves and button bands in the contrasting colour if I have to.

Ah dear me.  Will I ever actually finish a project??

I have to say I have got a lot of pleasure out of knitting this little cardi though.  The yarn is a merino/cashmere blend, so soft, and squishy, and so pretty to look at, and the knitting is of the mindless variety that I’m favouring at the moment (Gemma continues to be a pain – I will tell you about it in another post).  Stocking stitch is my ‘zen’ knitting.  There’s a rhythmic ‘swish click, swish click’ that lulls one into a meditative state, and creates a peaceful, happy state.

Six weeks to go!


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16 thoughts on “Two down, how many to go?

  1. Sounds like a classic case of startitis 🙂 That is a very pretty shade of green though. You’re very right, I can imagine it looking beautiful paired with red hair!

    And poor kitty! Hopefully he’ll learn to come in for the night from now on… for a while, anyway!

  2. I must admit I laughed when I read your post…I have the same problem 🙂 rose

  3. Sweet looking furry baby! And nice knitting too! I think the contrasting bands sound lovely,personally. And you’ve just made me think that I ought rightly be careful about being too organized with the next knitting projects or I too will cast on willy nilly!

  4. That’s your excuse and you’re sticking to it. Haha!

  5. I have just bought a stack of wool from a closing down sale and I am so tempted to start another project. I almost feel as though I need someone watching me to make sure I finish the project I am working on. I will probably succumb and start another project before this one is finished.

  6. starting new knitting projects is always so much more exciting… lovely looking cat, he has grown up so fast from your posts of the kitten photos! you can apply dilute (1:10) with water betadine to kitty’s punctures and hope that it helps. I see plenty of cat fight abcesses at work and they’re never fun for the kitty or for the owner when the repair bill is presented.

    • It is amazing how quickly they grow up! Thanks so much for the advice on treating his puncture wounds. I will get some betadine. Having experienced ‘repair bills’ in the past, I’m not in a hurry to receive one again!

  7. I’m having a bit of startitis too at the moment since I learned a new provisional cast on for shawl tabs. I keep trying it out!

    Don’t feel guilty about finishing projects — you will, eventually!

  8. Well, you know that I have that same exact problem (not the sleeping kitty) but the habit of casting on before finishing WIPs. Still, I love your niece’s cardigan … what yarn is this? The fabric that it makes is gorgeous.

    • Unfortunately, it’s one of those ‘once off’ yarns that a store got in and never repeated. It’s a yarn brand called Moda Vera and its the wool/cashmere blend. I only got a few balls at the time it was reasonably costly (for me), and I’ve wanted to get more since, but alas, there is none to be found! The spin is one of those multiply spins (like Sublime Cashmerino, Rowan Wool Cotton, Filatura di Crosa Zara and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino). The spin does give the yarn a beautifully soft, squooshy look and feel to the fabric. It’s lovely!!

  9. Glad Roly is healing. 🙂

    A few months ago my husband asked me Why I am doing things (knitting, playing a video game, etc.). If I’m doing it because of an actual deadline (like a birthday), then it makes sense to sometimes push ourselves. But if we are doing it to relax or because we enjoy it, and then we start pushing ourselves because we’ve become achievement oriented, we may be defeating our purpose. The question made me re-think a lot of my activities; I even got rid of some of my “shoulds.” 🙂 But each person’s response will be personal (rightfully so). 🙂

  10. I agree that you should work on whatever you are excited about. Otherwise the urge to complete something when your heart’s not in it (albeit temporarily) makes it a chore.

  11. Hubby and I were out to lunch when I spied a little girl’s cardi.
    I knew it was machine made but it caught my fancy.
    Colorful stripes, some colorwork – lots and lots of color!

    Mentioned to Hubby I need to knit a little girl’s sweater.
    He asked who it would be knit for having we know no small children.
    He almost had me on that one, but quick-wit that I am 8^)
    I can have a blog giveaway

    Thanks for blogging.


  12. I like stocking stitch for the zen quality too! Your ginger boy is all grown up now…lets hope he learnt his lesson about going out at night. I bet he was feeling sorry for himself 😦

  13. Wait, which niece has red hair!?