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The puffed sleeve cardigan


Have pretty yarn.

Add pattern and needles.

Do some knitting.

More knitting.

Run out of yarn.  😦

Add more yarn (different colour).

Pieces done…!

Knit button bands.

Sew up seams…

Add buttons.

Et voilà!  Finished!  The contrast colours seem to have worked out okay!

Ravelled here if you’d like details.


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25 thoughts on “The puffed sleeve cardigan

  1. That looks really nice. Guess who has the pleasure of selling a friends organic wool!! Shetland, Dorset Down breeds to name a few. Will load up photos and info onto my blog over the next couple of days. The shetland wool is sooooooo nice!! If I can find your address (or better still email it to me again please) I’ll send you a ball to try and let me know what you think of it. Have a lovely weekend. I am sitting on the steps at work after just doing a round. Back to my knitting in between bells!!

  2. It looks lovely 🙂 I’m so happy for you for being able to mark a finished project off of your list! I can imagine you feel very smug and satisfied right about now. The colors work very well together I think. Keep up the wonderful work!

  3. What pattern did you use?

    • It’s called the “Puffed Sleeve Cardi” by Peter Pan Design. My copy was in an Australian knitting magazine (noted on the Rav page) but I can’t find another online reference to link to sadly.

      • Which edition pretty please? 🙂 My Mum-In-Law says she has the pattern in one of her magazines, but if you know which one, it may save us looking through her boxes (of course, if we do end up searching through her boxes, I may end up finding more to add to my never ending list!) 🙂

        Hope you’re keeping well with the wild weather today!!

      • hehe! I know that feeling. Look through magazines for one pattern and end up with four new projects! The pattern is in the Creative Knitting magazine, issue 32 Autumn. It’s the one with the model wrapped in a multi-hued blanket. Have fun!

      • You are lovely! Thank you! I’ve just emailed it to Mum (and told her, since they ARE here visiting this weekend.) 🙂 I may knit it up with my newly dyed wool (that’d be project #5. My husband’s going a bit mad with all my UFOs around the house.) 🙂

  4. That other color really works well with the pattern. I daresay it makes it even better.

  5. Was the yarn nice to knit with? Wool/cashmere sounds a nice blend. What ply equivalent is it?

    I’m thinking of trying the yarn for something pretty for a baby girl:-)

    I think your finished garment looks super. Well done on your long list!

    • It was a lovely yarn, very nice to work with, and very suitable for babies (although the label says hand wash). It’s equivalent to 8 ply (DK).

  6. Absolutely adorable! Lucky little girl! Will you be my Auntie?

  7. Mmm… cashmere… luxury yarn – so soft! Yes, I agree the colours worked out well the way you used them. Clever 🙂

  8. love the pattern – and the new look blog – very nice!!! Isn’t the cardy such a lovely soft colour, I think the contrasts work really well. I bet it is delicious to touch : )

    • Thanks. 🙂 I was getting a bit bored with the old format – thought I’d try something new!

      The yarn was so lovely that I now have a serious ‘need’ to knit more with that type of spun yarn…

      • Hmm. Spotlight is around the corner and I DO need to pop in there for more wool to dye. I suppose I could pick up some of that Wool/Cashmere mix… just to try. 😉

      • Do you still have it in Auckland!? Lucky you! I can’t find it at all in Wellington. 😦

  9. Wow! All I can say is wow! Everything about this is perfection, I especially love your color choice.

  10. A beautiful cardi and I love the contrasting sleeves and button band, it works so well. Well done on a finish 🙂

  11. That’s so delicate and pretty!

  12. Love the way you did the photo recipe! And overcame running out of yarn. 🙂 Am so paranoid about that happening that I always have skeins of yarn left over. lol

  13. Sweet cardi. Lovingly hand knit.
    Love it

  14. Yum – wool and cashmere. I like the contrast of two colors and think it looks perfect. Nicely done. Kathy

  15. Cool cardigan. I just finished one for my daughter and she really doesnt need any more…but this one tempts me to make her another!