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The Autumnal cardigan


A little while back, I talked about doing an Autumnal Cardigan KAL (knit a-long) with the lovely Evelyn.  I’ve been waiting for her to finish hers before I showed you mine.  However, today Evelyn decided to let this project go.  I’ll let her tell you all about her experience knitting this here.

While I am disappointed that she never got a lovely cardigan, I think she did the best thing for her.  In any event, I have frogged many a project in my day!  It’s a relief, and healthy to accept that something just isn’t going to work, and to stop.  Knitting is meant to be fun.  Not stressful!  I just feel sad that I was a terrible KAL partner and couldn’t help her from so far away to solve that dratted problem with the sleeves.

So I may as well show you mine, properly blocked:

My cardigan is Zealana’s Kiwi in Fingering weight.  It’s a mixture of cotton, merino and possum in equal proportions, and it has to be one of my new favourite yarns.  This is the Granite colourway.  I used just 13 balls.

For our cool summer (we really didn’t have a summer this year), the weight of yarn was perfect.  I have worn this cardigan almost daily since finishing it, and I’m wearing it now as I type.  The yarn still looks as nice as the day I finished it – no pilling, no rubbing, no stretching or dropping.  It’s perfect.  I’ve said more about the pattern in my initial link, so I won’t burble on here.  I’ve also shared my Ravelry notes on this cardigan here.

I’m still not entirely sure that it’s a very flattering fit, the wide horizontal front bands don’t do much for my body shape, and the armholes are a little too generous (‘lovely’ bat wing effect going on there).  However, in this case, comfort far outweighs vanity, and I’ve even found myself throwing it on to go into town.  I haven’t noticed any strange looks, so I guess it must be okay. Anyway, most of the time, I only see the shoulder part, which I really like.  What you don’t see, you don’t mind, huh??

Thanks again, Evelyn, for asking me to knit this pattern with you.  For without you, I wouldn’t be the proud owner of a nice, comfy cardigan!


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24 thoughts on “The Autumnal cardigan

  1. it looks very nice and cozy! 🙂 and i love that color:)

  2. Hi,
    Very nice. I like the front bit very much. and nice color too.

    Is this project will be Knit along? If so please let me know.



    • Hi Jyothi. This cardigan was a private KAL with just one friend. I have finished it. You can find the pattern here as well as examples of how others have knitters theirs. Have fun!

  3. I love your sweater! Is the yarn available online? I didn’t bring any possum back from my trip to NZ in Feb. Job well done!?

  4. Oh what a shame you KAL partner couldn’t finish her cardi, I hate it when that happens but I guess over the years I have come to accept for me its the process not the finish most of the time, I need the Zen effect of knitting at the end of the day and have found it doesn’t matter what I am knitting just so long and I am doing it (or crochet/spinning). Your Cardigan turned out beautifully and that yarn looks perfect for the between season wear…actually I could see myself wearing it with my PJ’s all winter 😉

  5. Very cool that you’ve knit a garment that has become part of your wardrobe.

  6. That is gorgeous! I am sorry she doesn’t have her own comfy cardi, but it is good to see yours in its entirety. I don’t know if I’ll ever make something like that. It looks so snuggly for cooler weather!

  7. Wow! It looks so comfy! And not frumpy. 13 balls of fingering weight isn’t bad either. Enjoy!

  8. I love it!! It looks so comfortable and yet it could be dressed up as well. The only problem with a great cardigan like that is wearing it to death. Beautiful job!!

  9. it has turned out beautifully, love the colour and the drape and it looks very cozy!

  10. I see what you mean about the arms – but I like it a lot! The collar is groovy. Looks very cosy – just the sort of thing I’m after at the moment….just as winter is about to be over here…typical timing! My latest thought was having a go at Merryall ( but this might be a contender!

  11. I don’t think it makes you look short or fat at all!

  12. If my cardigan looked half as beautiful as yours, I wouldn’t have let it go!! You’re an inspiration (and don’t ever forget it) and the best KAL partner I could have had for this very demanding project. You look gorgeous in your cardigan and if mine turned out like yours, I would be wearing it as I type now, too! xo

  13. That looks so snuggly and cosy warm!! Jealous!!

  14. The drape of that cardi is just to die for. And it doesn’t look unflattering to me. It might not be super fitted, but it looks well made. (Because it is)

  15. It looks great!
    So professional looking !

  16. I’m so happy to see you finally knitting something that YOU can enjoy wearing, instead of being for others. the yarn sounds lovely and I might investigate it for a future Queensland Australia project for me.

  17. Looks beautiful!

  18. Beautiful, cozy and lovely! I’ve never done any adult bits for myself, but that cardi does sort of inspire… 🙂

  19. I love this! It’s a wonderful shade of grey and looks so comfy! It looks great paired with the red top you’re wearing. I’ve got a huge penchant for batwings and slouchy tops, so it’s right up my street 🙂

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  21. It’s absolutely gorgeous & cozy!