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I’ve said before that I don’t normally like to knit children’s clothes.  However, the patterns I have found for my nieces and nephew are really quite cute.  This is the next item I’m knitting for my nine week adventure:

The Striped Cardigan is coming along nicely.  Not as fast as I’d like it to, but then I was very busy doing other things this weekend.  I’m knitting it in one piece to the armholes before separating for the fronts and backs (no point in having more seams to sew than necessary – especially when if you’re having to match stripes up!)

I thought I’d talk about the book I’m taking quite a few of these patterns from – Special Family Knits by Debbie Bliss.  I don’t think there is any other book or magazine on my bookshelf that I have knitted so much from!  I first knitted Hooded Guernsey from it.  Eric has long outgrown his jumper, but I think every now and again that I should knit him another.  It was a nice pattern.   The little fair isle cardi I’ve just finished also came from this book.  There are quite a few other patterns I think that I will eventually get around to knitting from Special Family Knits, including the Rib and Cable Cardigan (for me).   You could say it was a very good buy!

Back to the Striped Cardi, I’m knitting this in a lovely soft merino possum yarn.  I’m deliberately keeping it cropped (like in the photo) because my niece lives in a part of New Zealand where it doesn’t get very cold.  She’ll like the warmth of possum, but it will be good for her to have a bit of ‘ventilation’, as the cardigan might be a bit too warm otherwise.

Hopefully I’ll have more to show you soon.

Have a great week!


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13 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. Love the colours! Nice work avoiding the seams and weaving in ; ) how are you not jogging your colour changes? I can always see mine a little, even when I do the fancy thing – that I’ve forgotten for now…

  2. I don’t know why, something about the theme, font colour ect but when I loaded up this page I thought; THE CAT IN THE HATT!!

    Also, the cousins have enough… make tea cosies (they’re good for everything, and sell well on Etsy te he).

  3. I have never been able to really articulate why I like stripes so much but I do and this pattern is adorable. Love also that you’re knitting red and white stripes with a grey hem … will you do the same with the sleeve cuffs?

  4. So how close are you to making your knitting goal? It looks like you are right on track.

    • About that. I think I will struggle with to get the tent-sized brother-in-law pullover finished, but the others will not be a problem at all.

  5. I hear you on the avoidance of too many seams. I’ve just finished a baby cardie which is knit in pieces and has contrast colour at all edges – and the weaving in was enormous! In fact there was so much extra yarn in the seams that the poor cardie has lost some of its stretch…

  6. Every time you post
    my knitting queue grows.
    You are very motivating.

    Knitting a garment seamless –
    what factors of construction vs yarn fabric should I consider
    to prevent sagging?

    These stripes/colors are so attractive.

    love your posts and always look forward to the next.


    • You’ve hit the nail on the head in your sentence – it’s whether or not you know the yarn will sag if there is a lot of it and it gets pulled by the weight of the garment. In the case of this cardigan, it’s a delightfully light, cloudlike possum yarn, which has barely any weight. It’s knitted on the right size needles (ie not loose, not tight), and it’s only a small cardi, so I have no worries about sagging. If I was to use a cotton yarn, I might be more worried – that stuff does ‘grow’ if it’s too heavy.

  7. How can anyone not love a striped cardi?! It will be lovely I’m sure. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can see why you like the cables, your Sylvia is stunning!

  8. That’s going to be so pretty! I love the colours 🙂