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The cable thing


I was salivating over a vintage kids’ pattern book from Patons the other day.  The general styling looks like it might be from the 60’s? (There’s no date on the cover).

I decided I simply had to knit this for the young mister.  I took the booklet to him, where he was busy playing a computer game.  “Do you like this pattern?  Can I knit it for you?”

He glanced at it quickly, went back to his game and said, “Yup….” I started to walk away, happily plotting what yarn I would use, when …”But I don’t like the neck.  It looks like it could be itchy.”

Crest-fallen!  But… the cabling…!!  The lovely pattern…!! I went back to him, and turned the page.  “What about this one then?”

A quick glance, “OK.  It won’t be too hot.”

I still rather like the look of that first jumper, but if he won’t wear it, there’s no point in knitting it.

This one is also really nice:

I want it for me!  The polo neck on this one definitely disqualifies it for consideration for knitting for a certain young man.  Unless I adapt it into a v-neck.

There were a few other patterns that I liked the look of.  This one for a girl looks sweet, although don’t they look like they forgot to put on their tights or at least skirts or jeans!?  (I do recall my mother wearing similar things in the 70’s and even at my tender age, I thought she’d forgotten to wear half her outfit that day!)

Here’s another pattern that I’m quite liking for an adult-sized project:

There’s something about those pockets that particularly grab me.  I think I’d make a looser neck though, and have it longer.

In many respects, those jumpers look quite modern, and could easily be knitted for a kid these days.   The cardigan is probably the only ‘dated’ item from my point of view.  I guess I’ll need to think about whether I should knit it for him or not, as he’s starting to be conscious of appearance.  I don’t want to traumatise him by making him feel ‘uncool’.  He might never wear my knits again!

There’s nothing like good cabling though – it’s timeless!

All I can think of now is which yarn to knit them in.  I’m thinking 100% wool would be best, but oh, the possibilities!!  Or maybe an alpaca/wool blend?  Or a possum merino??

Do you find you do that?  Look at a pattern and start to imagine what yarn you’d like to knit it in?


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21 thoughts on “The cable thing

  1. I don’t think these date at all not even the cardigan they are classic and timeless. Cables are very in here. Aran wool has come so far even the Bainin wool, maybe you could knit just the neck, wash it and she if he found it itchy? I don’t know if you know Carol Feller she has a lovely book out Contemporary Irish knits cabling used in a new shaping way… you can look at it here her blog is called stolen stitches and you can find it here and of course there is Alice Starmore Nice loose necked mans Aran in here.

    • Oooh, thanks for pointing out Carol Feller’s book! I have the fabulous cabling books by Alice Starmore (aran knitting) and Melissa Leapman (Cables Untangled) but I shall have to have a look at that.

  2. The sizing IS a little dated, so I would definitely get rid of some of that voluptuous ease…and you should probably think about whether or not he would actually wear a ‘grandpa’ cardigan. I mean, I don’t know how cool it would be in the states, at least not until he starts developing his own style.

    • Hehehe. Grandpa cardi! Love it. It is worrying me though. I’ll probably adapt the idea and go for a more modern look for this one but still sneak in some cabling. 😉

  3. could you make the 1st one with a v-neck? i agree, the cardigan might not pass his test once done:) sounds like you have a cool little guy to knit for:)

  4. Yes, longer and scrap the turtle-neck for something looser and more casual. Great cables though, and as long as it doesn’t itch, he should love it!

  5. Oh, those pockets. An interesting possibility
    Possum, have you knit with it before
    Hubby and I were talking this morning about the use of possum yarn

    • I’ve knitted quite a lot in possum (have a look at my possum page). The little striped cardi that’s nearly finished is in possum. It’s a delightful fibre, so warm, so light and a good way to use the resources of a pest in NZ.

  6. definitely – I’ve got a swag of old patterns and they are so cool! I particularly like a 1970’s mens book of knits and crocheting… Mr Myrtle isn’t too keen on most of it ; )

  7. This is similar to a pattern I am knitting now from a “modern” booklet. You can see it on my post

  8. I have a cardigan made from possum yarn and it’s really, really warm. Too warm unless it’s mid-winter.

  9. Three of my brothers wore jerseys knitted in these stylings at my May 1974 wedding in New Zealand!!

    Cool kids are wearing hoodies everywhere at the moment….perhaps that is the way to go incorporating cables or aran patterns somewhere.

    They are predicting a cold wet winter I believe…..

    • So funny! Maybe this booklet is a 70’s one then! I was thinking the same thing actually – finding a hoodie pattern and incorporating some cabling into it.

  10. The jumpers in the first picture are lovely! I bet the neck wouldn’t be too itchy in a nice possum-merino. Perhaps hand him a skein to feel and test against his neck?

    • You are right. I’ve not knitted anything in possum for him yet because he is still growing too fast. However, I have been considering something for him in it!

  11. I vote for possum merino, too, and have to say that in spite of little mister not wanting the first collar, you have to love him for actually noticing!

  12. Is this one of the knits that would count towards your goal?
    And if I were your kid, I would wear that first sweater. I don’t care if the neck is itchy.

    • No, I’m busy planning for what to knit after I’ve finished all of it…! 😀 My son is unfortunately of the extremely warm blooded variety. Even in the deepest winter, he’ll wear a vest and that’s it. I’ve knitted two jumpers for him now that have got maybe two wears? It’s a little depressing! However, it doesn’t seem to stop this devoted mama thinking she can still knit things that are not vests…!

  13. Hooray I have finally been able to comment so lets backtrack a bit. The fairaisle cardi….so sweet! I was looking at some steeking techniques and it seems it is the way to go with regards to sewing in ends. Hope you try it I would love to see how you go. The lovely raspberry coloured caradi, I really liked the way the decreases went across the yoke but I know what its like when you don’t feel the love…what did you end up doing? And yes a cabled hoodie would be the go for young man, I know my boys would wear anything with a hood on it! And finally A JOB…congratulations, how wonderful, what are you doing? Does it involve knitting?? Keep up the momentum although that may be hard now you have two jobs, hugs Jen