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A little bit of…


I see in this yarn

the vibrant colours of nature…

and potential…

what should I do with this beauty?

me thinks a pair of socks.

It’s the Frog Tree colourway by Sokkusu.

From a very dear friend.

I am a very lucky girl. Β πŸ™‚


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14 thoughts on “A little bit of…

  1. You are! It’s very pretty!

  2. You’ve captured the colours perfectly in your photos – it is delicious (or maybe that is just me and marmalade?!) Socks – do it! Patterned or plain?

  3. Why, you should knit it of course! Socks would be lovely. Or a scarf. It would be a pretty scarf.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous yarn. OMG jealous.

    I would actually be inclined to make a little scarf or cowl just so I’d have more opportunities to go ‘look at my yaaarrnnnnzzz look at them!’ without having to randomly flash my ankles at passersby. πŸ˜‰

  5. Luscious … instead of a pair of socks, how about an Evelyn Cowl?

  6. Your feet deserve the sproing factor of this yarn!! Would look fabulous as plain socks but if you fancy just a little texture, how about ‘borrowing’ the stitch pattern from Hermione’s Everyday socks (dead easy 4 stitch knit/purl repeat) or the Honey Badger socks (occasional eyelets spaced every 6 rows, I think a 6 st repeat) – they are the two I considered for my next socks which I wanted to be cruise control knitting but using a variegated yarn. In the end I went for twisted tweed socks – a 6 stitch slipped stitch repeat that works for 66st socks (all free patterns on Ravelry).

    Whatever you decide, have fun.

    If you do decide on a neck thingy – Hitchhiker – love that pattern and shows off variegated’s beautifully. You have to be in the mood for garter though.

    Loved your photo’s.

    • Not only do I get lovely yarn from you… but also wonderful ideas! With such a lovely large hank (150g!) I think I might attempt a patterned sock this time. I will have a look at the patterns you suggest. I’ve been ‘talking myself up’ to attempt patterned socks recently, so it’s good timing!

  7. Socks. Socks. Socks. In a beautiful color!

  8. yes, you are a very lucky girl with such beautiful yarn!

  9. Socks!!!! hehe. I adore that color. Can’t wait to see it knit up regardless what you decide. πŸ™‚

  10. Beautiful matching of pictures with the wool. Socks would be good as long as folks could see the lovely colours and they would not be hidden under slacks.

    • I think the only issue is that even though I love the colours to distraction, they aren’t actually ‘my’ colours. Considering a cowl/shawl thing today, I held the colours around my face, and I think the die has been cast. Socks they are!

  11. Oh I think I would be just sitting and drooling over it πŸ˜‰