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Finding New Zealand knitting yarn in Wellington


(Updated Sep 2015)

It has been a while since I wrote about shopping for yarn in New Zealand!  So today, I thought I would write a specific post about where you can find New Zealand knitting yarn if you are visiting Wellington.

It’s interesting that each of the yarn stores in this city tends to have a different focus (interesting in that each store offers something slightly different, but also frustrating from a shopper’s point of view if you want to see as much as possible under one roof!)

This ‘tour’ starts in the centre of Wellington, and we gradually work our way outwards:

Knit World,  185 Willis Street, Wellington
Opening hours:  10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday
, 10am – 4pm Saturday, 11am – 2pm Sunday (Sunday hours from March – Sept only)
Tel:  +64 4 385 1918  E:

Knit World is one of New Zealand’s largest yarn store “chains”, with 10 stores nationwide.  It stocks a good  range of  quality New Zealand yarns, including Zealana, Touch Yarns, Stansborough, Ashford and Naturally. The Wellington store recently moved to a street front store and is now a lot easier to find than previously.  

New Knit World shop front

This is a photo of the new store front location.  It is very easy to get to.

If you are limited for time while you are here, this is one of the best stores to come to (the other one being Holland Road Yarn Company – see below – also on Willis St), mostly because it’s convenient (being in the city centre) and it usually has a good range of yarns to choose from.

They have a good range of Zealana yarns, in addition to many other commercial New Zealand yarns.

Zealana Rimu Nancy’s Embroidery  241 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, T:  +64 4 473 4047

As its name suggests, Nancy’s is a specialist embroidery and quilting store.  However, they also stock knitting yarn, including the shop’s own bespoke yarn, Strand.  Tucked into one corner of the shop next to the window, is a range of delicious, uber-yummy yarn that you can’t find elsewhere in Wellington – Noro, Debbie Bliss, Indecita.  Yes, this is where I come for my Noro fix!   Nancys also stocks a small amount of New Zealand yarn, including Stansborough’s Mithril, Annabelle’s, and their own New Zealand made Strand.

Wellington Sewing Services, Shop 3, Kilbirnie Plaza, 22 Bay Rd, Kilbirnie
T:  +64 4 387 4505

I must tell you have that I have never been to this store.  However, from what I can see of their website, if you do find yourself in the Eastern part of Wellington city, this might be a useful place to bear in mind for yarn supplies.  The range of New Zealand yarn is not extensive, but they do have Ashford, Touch Yarns and Naturally, and possibly a bit more.  One of these days, I shall get over there to investigate in person!

There’s a lovely sandy beach down that way… with a hip cafe where you can sit outside on a nice day.

 Holland Road Yarn CompanUpstairs, Grand Arcade, Willis St, Wellington CBD.  
Opening hours:  10am – 5pm Tues – Fri, 10am – 4pm Sat
T: +64 4 499 6845

This store is owned by the creator of Knitsch yarns.  In addition to the Knitsch range of pretty, hand-dyed yarn, the store stocks an array of other exciting New Zealand indie yarns that are not commonly available in a yarn store as well as some of the Skeinz yarns.  The store also stocks a range of international yarns that we haven’t been able to readily access before in Wellington.

Holland Road Yarn Co. Willis St

Zealana Kiwi and Naturally Waikiwi and 4 ply

Zealana Kiwi and Naturally Waikiwi and 4 ply

Stansborough, 68 Fitzherbert Street, Petone, Wellington

T:  +64 4 566 5591 

While you are in Petone, you should also drop in to visit Stansborough, home of some of the beautiful fabrics that have graced movies such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and many others.  Stansborough’s gallery which is only a five – ten minute walk from HRYC in Jackson St.  The gallery is stocked with stunning, pure Stansborough Grey wool blankets, throws, shawls and other items, all woven on turn-of-the-century looms in elegant weave patterns, and hand-finished to perfection.  They make beautiful quality, unique gifts to take home.  And of course, you can also find Stansborough’s gorgeous yarns!  You’ll also see the looms that the fantastic fabrics are woven on – fascinating!

Stansborough yarns

Knit World, 62 Queen’s Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington
Tel:  +64 4 566 4689 

This is Knit World’s Lower Hutt store.  It does not have the same variety of New Zealand yarns, but if you cannot go to the city store, this store is still a good one to visit.

Thimbles’n’Threads, 40 Park St, Upper Hutt, Wellington
Tel:  +64 4 526 6513

The furtherest “Wellington” store from the city centre, it’s about a 40 minute drive up State Highway 2 from Wellington city.  If you’re on your way to the Wairarapa (home of fabulous wines), this is a nice little diversion along the way.   It is divided evenly into well-displayed embroidery, quilting and knitting supplies.  It’s a large,  gleaming, comfortable shop, very clean and neat.  It smells especially nice.  The range of haberdashery (including beautiful buttons), quilting and embroidery threads is staggering.   The yarn range has been reduced a little over the years, but it is still substantial, and what they do have is good.  If you want to see (and squish) the entire Touch Yarns range, this is where you should come.  It’s the only place I have seen it all together – 100% merino in 4 and 8 ply, boucle, brushed mohair, possum yarn, sock yarn, and scarf kits.  They also stock Annabelle’s as well as some Naturally yarns (as well as other imported quality yarns).

Of course, it was rude not to buy anything when I went to visit, so a small souvenir had to come home with me…

I know… more sock yarn!  I did spend a long time lingering over the beautiful skeins of hand-dyed possum yarns, but they were just a bit more than my budget can afford at the moment.

So there you have it.  I have probably missed one or two of the smaller stores that stock a limited range of yarn, but this is the basic list.

Enjoy your visit here!

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  1. I’d love some more Zealana – have to wait until my next trip back :)
    Holland Road sounds fantastic – I love that they stock so many indie dyers!
    I’ve visited Skeinz in Napier and bought some lovely yarn there….
    Oh bliss!!!!

  2. What a wonderful post! It really makes me wish I were on the other side of the world so I could sample all that wonderful yarn. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  3. You can never have too much sock yarn!

    Sounds like you’ve got some great stores in your area. I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand so when I finally make it across I’ll have to bear some of these stores in mind!

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  5. Great timing – I think I’ll be down to Wgtn for the weekend within the month! I’d already planned (read:insisited) on visiting Holland Road Company, but will be sure to try to get to Stansborough as well after reading this. Although I do keep trying to rein in my buying….and there’s The Wool Company on the drive down….uh oh…
    Thanks so much for the info!

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  11. This is just perfect for the next time I make it over to Wellington. I really hope that it won’t be too far in the future.

  12. The stock at the Wellington Sewing Centre is actually pretty good, especially if you are interested in yarn for crafts and felting too. My only grump is that the last yarn I bought there was some King Cole Mirage which I paid at least twice as much for as I would have if I’d got it from Deramore’s online!

  13. I really wish that I’d been a knitter when I visited Wellington some years back. I’ll just have to go back. Beautiful pictures, as always :)

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