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The wardrobe question


I’m roaring down the track to a finish to my nine week project, and am working simultaneously on several projects at once:

They’re all small, so I figure they’ll be finished quickly.

Which brings me to, when they’re done… what do knit next?

There are a few projects that I have planned, but I’m looking forward to some self-indulgent knitting for a change.  In the background to this photo, you can see Benbecula.  I’ve half-finished it, and now that I have some time for “me” knitting, this will get picked up again.

However, two little questions accompany “what to knit next”.  They are:

1.  Which shawl?

I’ll show you the yarn:

Yes, it’s more of that scrumptious Naturally Aspire, a wool/alpaca mix single spun yarn that has been discontinued this season, but there is still plenty of it to be found in the yarn stores.  I’m combining it with some Araucania Aysen (the yellow/green/brown mix you see) as I think the colours go well together.  It’s going to be a substantial wrap, and I think I’m slowly edging towards doing something like this.

I’m not sure how I will combine the colours yet.  My original intention was striping, but now I’m wondering about intarsia (although this is not my favourite technique).

2.   What garment?

Now that I’m back working in an office, my clothing style has to adjust to suit a corporate environment.  Which means… black…grey…navy…oyster…muted tones…hmm.  Sometimes I wonder if I ever moved out of the school uniform.  More significantly, it means that my wardrobe needs to be once again fairly tailored.

I’ve been looking at patterns to figure out a nice piece that I can knit and wear to the office without it screaming ‘hand knitted’.  I’m not ashamed of my hand-knitted garments, but I do want to wear items that look reasonably professional, and let’s face it, a lot of knitting isn’t designed to look ‘professional’ as in, boring office professional.  Knitting is a fun, relaxing activity, and the patterns designed for knitting reflect this.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at patterns from a new angle.  Flaming June (from the most recent Knitty) looks like a good candidate.  It can be dressed up and dressed down, and it won’t be too warm to wear in a heated office.  If I knit it with something like Zealana Kiwi, it will have a lovely drape and softness, and the colours are very office-friendly.  I feel a trip to the yarn store coming on…

I’ve also been increasingly drawn to Connie Chang Chincho’s new book Textured Stitches.  The Anna Maria cardigan and the Professoressa are both very office-friendly looking.  They’re simple designs but with a nice details that will make them interesting to knit and good to wear.

Looks like I’m not too stumped about what to knit to wear to the office after all!


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15 thoughts on “The wardrobe question

  1. I vote for Flaming June. It would be cute and office friendly in the right colors.

  2. sounds like something that might be a nice niche in the market: professional knitwear. I would love a professional looking knitted jacket to wear on top of a skirt

  3. The shawl is delicious! Go on, try some intarsia!
    The book is fab isn’t it?! I like lots, especially the tunics, but I guess they aren’t too worky. Professoressa is pretty lovely 🙂

  4. That yarn looks awesome, probably makes a great shawl ! Never tried myself, haven’t done that many caled things yet, but I always wonder if it would look good to knit the big(ger) cable(s) in another, though not too contrasting, colour ?

    As fot office knitting, those patterns from Textured Stitches all look suitable to me. I guess it largely depends on the colours one uses and what one wears along with it ( like shirt versus blouse, think it makes quite a difference ).
    And when it comes to colour in office garment, wouldn’t some bright handknit accessorie be okay ?
    ( have to admit, I’d love to be able to get more ‘dressed’, but working as assistent in some sort of health care, my clothes need to be practical and washable at rather high temps… )

    • You’re thinking on the same lines as me – I’m thinking I’ll do the central section in the plain green, which will contrast, against the variegated green.

  5. Hi there! Hmmm what a dilemma…and what an opportunity to show off the versatility of hand knitting and bring it to a wider audiance! 😉 You might like to have a look here at this designer I find her designs suitable for many situations. I love her designs and her patterns are well written.

  6. Oops … or even audience! Not sure what happened to my spelling there! ;-/

  7. Has it been 9 weeks already? !!

  8. Yes, knit Flaming June — I love that it’s sophisticated enough for the office but edgy, too. That shawl pattern looks incredible. I think you’ve found your next knit projects!

  9. I like Flaming June and would never have considered knitting it in anything other than linen/hemp/cotton etc. If you can, then that really opens up my knitting possibilities!
    I wear my hand knits to the office, but then my office is more smart casual than corporate-y.
    I really like the look of the Textured Knits book too – I nearly bought it, but have decided that due to my addiction to knitting magazines I have far too many patterns to try already!

    • I think as long as the yarn carries the qualities you need to produce the ‘look’, you can generally substitute any yarn in a pattern. I reckon it would look great in a silk or alpaca mix (as long as it doesn’t get too fluffy) too. The cotton content in Kiwi really shows through, which makes it ideal for Flaming June. And re the pattern issue…join the club! 😉

  10. I love the knits in Textured Stitches.
    My first pullover is the Intagliata Henley
    w/Madelinetosh 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon

    very lovely to knit with

    though not the smash colors of the Wollmeise in my Boneyard