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I need to know:

Why everything cooks at super fast speed…

Why the child decides he needs to get out of the shower right now

Why the porridge burns…

Why the tea goes cold…

Why the washing machine speeds up and finish its cycle…

Why it’s suddenly bedtime…




when I’m knitting?

Wait, scotch that. Β Where does time go when I’m knitting?????

That’s what I want to know.

(It’s a funny thing that lace – it looks like a scrambled bit of spiderweb at the moment, but it will be exquisite when it’s finished and blocked… if only time will stop speeding!!)


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15 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hee hee. It does look like a bit of spider web that has gotten all mooshed up. Or the movement of water in a river.
    It looks like you are speeding along with that shawl. Will you be done soon?

    • It depends on how much quiet time I can get. People who keep talking to me when I’ve told them I need quiet time (looks meaningfully in the direction of small people in the house) keep making me lose concentration and making mistakes. Grrrr. I’ve got one more repeat to do and then I do the edging. I figure that makes me about half way? I’ve just bound off my last pair of socks – so I figure it will be done by next week latest.

  2. I want to know when I’ll have time to knit again? πŸ™‚ newborns need all the time except the sleep time, which I need too now:)

    • Congratulations on your baby’s safe arrival! I wasn’t a knitter when mine were small, but I do know I would have been pressed to find time too! I don’t know the answer to that – some women seem to be able to nurse and knit at the same time.

    • You have my empathy, Tangled! No one warns you ahead of time that your life won’t be your own for the next couple years. Sleep is most important, but as for knitting . . . tackle small, uncomplicated projects. And enjoy the good things about baby time while you can. πŸ™‚

  3. Looking lovely – despite the time warp πŸ™‚

  4. Love it – I may even be bold enough to try lace one day soon. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh that is looking lushious!!

  6. As it’s poetry month here in the states, I couldn’t help but think of your post as an homage to haiku! One day a lace shawl like yours will be on my needles but that time (and “no talking) thing prevents that from happening at the moment. ox

    • You’re too generous. So cool that it’s poetry month in the States. Did you see the 1,000+ haikus that were written by commenters on the Yarn Harlot’s blog about 2 years ago? She did a competition for a free copy of a book and you had to write a haiku about binding off. Some of them were amaaaazing (and very funny). Look it up if you didn’t see it at the time.

  7. Where does time go when we’re knitting? Brilliant question. Time flies when we’re having fun and drags when we have to do something we don’t want to. Such is the crazy way of life. I’m excited to see your lace creation when it’s complete! Blocking is a miraculous thing. Truly.

  8. That time thing used to happen when I wove. Now knitting makes the food arrive faster when I’m at a restaurant. lol Your shawl is going to be amazing! And such a lovely color.

  9. There are so many sayings about time and the lack of it or the speed or slowness with which it passes.
    Time waits for no man. I wonder does it wait for woman?

  10. You’re not just whistling Dixie when you mention time flying.
    It zips right on by.