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Come KAL with us


Just the other day, I received a surprise gift in the form of the pattern for this shawl from the lovely Evelyn.

The gift was even more touching when I read about the cause of the gift – the designer’s daughter had a devastating house fire, and until the end of May, the proceeds of this pattern go towards rebuilding her life.

I’d already printed out the pattern, and was considering knitting it when I read Evelyn’s post.

I can’t really say no can I?

Join us – it’s a simple pattern, for a good cause, and it should be fun. 🙂

I’m off to fossick for suitable yarn candidates from the stash!


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14 thoughts on “Come KAL with us

  1. Oh! I’m very tempted – I’ve never done a KAL! I’m going to go search for yarn before I get the pattern – I’m seeing it in lovely blues and greens. 🙂

  2. I bought the pattern but have no idea when I will knit this? Such a lovely shawl and such a good cause too. Every little bit helps 🙂 I think I will have to dye some of my Fibrespates wool for this one so it will be a while. I will be following your progess with yours though.

  3. I bought the pattern (it’s lovely!), and will hit my stash tonight to see what I can use to knit it. Since I’m such a casual knitter, am not sure I’ll have it done by May 31st, but will see what happens. 🙂

  4. I just sorted my stash last night and found the perfect yarns for this! Can’t wait to get started!

  5. Hi there! Thank you for putting this here and bringing it to our attention. I have just purchased it and will tell all the knitters I know and make a gift of it to a few of them, it will be a very nice way to repay some of the kindness I have received.

    This pattern was so God given to me. I had a very sad text (SMS) form a friend tonight, she told me that her dear mother has been given two months to live. My friend, Rosa, lives in Spain and I live in the UK, so…I feel impotent, what can I do for her, other than be here for her at all times and keep her in my thoughts and prayers? Then I had an idea, ‘I know I will knit her a hug!’ I had heard of prayer shawls where you keep the person in your thoughts as you knit…like a meditation. So…then the search for one began and nothing fitted what I had in my minds eye. I wanted it to be striking and simple and use some lovely yarn she gave me to do it. Not being able to find anything I liked, I then decided I would do my habitual look at KiwiYarns before turning in and there was the perfect pattern. I can help more than one person with the same original objective. Tremendous! Thank you again.

  6. Loved reading your post and seeing everyone’s comments. I’m so happy that so many are joining in the KAL! I plan to put up a link party on project: stash later this week or on Monday so I hope everyone stops by to link up!

  7. Lovely idea. Even from way down under we can help those in need! I have bought the pattern and will now seek yarn. Let the quest begin!