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Notes Pt 2: Wholehearted KAL


I feel there isn’t much to show you at the moment.

I’ve finished the garter stitch section and am now on to the broken ribbing.  You can see that the shawl will really benefit from blocking.

I’m enjoying the broken rib a lot and finding it’s practically knitting itself!

Here’s a close-up of the stitches:

The tension/gauge (using my fingering yarn and 4mm (size 6) needles) is very loose.  I measured my gauge against the pattern‘s suggestion to see how I was doing.  It’s meant to be 23 x 42, and I’m getting 21 x 44.  I suppose I could have gone down to US5, or 3.75mm needles, but it doesn’t matter.

I’m interested to see what I’ll think of the gauge in the next version of Wholehearted that I’ll do – the yarn is just slightly thicker than this, and I suspect it might be closer to what it’s meant to be.

There’s a linky party going on for blogging participants going on here at Project: Stash.  Join up, and have a look to see what others are saying about their experiences with this shawl!

It’s interesting that while I thought I’d like the strong contrast of blues and white, I’m rather wishing I had a pale blue instead of cream to go with the darker blue.  Who knows, the colours might look better together once I’ve finished the shawl.

Someone commented that the shawl looks summery – and I think she’s right.  I’ve already decided this shawl is not for me and destined for a dear person who is about to move to a desert climate where she’ll need something warm for her shoulders in the evenings.

Besides, I am thinking of knitting more than one of these shawls… and I can’t keep them all for me can I!?  😉

We had a beautiful, classic Autumn day today.  I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend wherever you are.


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6 thoughts on “Notes Pt 2: Wholehearted KAL

  1. I’m enjoying watching the progress, your friend is going to love this shawl 🙂

  2. You are really such a beautiful knitter and your work always has the nicest touch. What I love about this shawl is how different it can look depending on the colors used but also the weight of the yarn. It is so nice seeing everyone’s progress, isn’t it?

    • It is amazing all the colours that are being used to knit this shawl! Like you say, using a different weight yarn can really produce a different effect.

  3. Your colors are such that this shawl is going to an easy one to wear.
    It is a pattern that WILL BE knit more than once and will be great ones to gift.

  4. It is coming along nicely – I rather like the contrast of colours, they are both very beautiful.
    You’l have it done in no time!

  5. I quite like your color combination. And I can’t wait to see what color combination you put together for the next!