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The stealthy enabler


I have been fantasizing about a little Zealana Kiwi number lately, so  today I went and did a little investing at my LYS…

It’s kind of obvious what pattern I’m thinking of huh!??

These are the Storm Blue, Ocean and Tussock colourways.  I especially love the Tussock and the Storm Blue (the silvery grey blue).

You know when you walk into a yarn store, and your heart rate goes up, and your eyes glaze over a bit because you can’t stop goggling at all the yummy yarn on display, and suddenly your speech becomes a little garbled and incoherent, and the brain somehow goes a little squidgy at the edges, incapable of the simplest math equation??  It’s the yarn fumes.  I’m sure of it.  😉  How else can two balls become four, or six balls become 12?  Surely I didn’t think I needed that many ‘spares’ just in case?? ;p  I’m going to have to start writing a shopping list for yarn shopping.  Just to stop me going off the rails.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Like that’s going to do it!

Anyway, today I had extra enablement in the form of a surprise shape.  It’s called a small person who has evidently been engaging in a bit of yarn fantasizing of his own.  While I was under the influence of yarn, he took the opportunity to scan the shelves for the perfect shade of orange, and this is what fell into my basket too:

Hmm.  I have a funny feeling I was ambushed.  I’ve been presented with the picture of the toy that requires knitting and “all you have to do now is knit it!”  Yeah.  Cheeky, aren’t they?

Seriously, it isn’t just the knitter who falls under the influence in a yarn store.  I’ve seen it many times – the person accompanying the knitter suddenly also acquires an urgent need for knitted items too, which the knitter conveniently volunteers to turn into desired knitted item…

Has this ever happened to you?

On the subject of pretty yarn, Evelyn has kindly done a Wholehearted KAL update.  Hop across to see all the pretty completed/taking shape shawls!


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17 thoughts on “The stealthy enabler

  1. I’m a little bit in love with your enabler! That’s fantastic! I just read passages of this out to my sister-in-law – she’s shaking her head at me, but understands me a bit better now. 😉

  2. Oh that Kiwi! Just lovely – I still haven’t used my glorious red Rimu – I know that I can’t easily get any more… so I am holding off…. for now.

  3. So, do you have a yarn hangover now?

    I think I fall more victim to the “I’ll just look at the yarn” which quickly turns into a pile of yarn in my arms.

    • Oh yes, I fall victim to that one too. It’s ferocious! I’m not sure I’d call mine a yarn hangover. More yarn glee at this stage!

  4. I hope you are going to be knitting the Colour Affection scarf….I have a few ideas off my own @ my lys…jan

  5. With yarn like that at head, I do not blame you for going a little crazy, not one bit!

  6. I knew it … your colors will look gorgeous in Color Affection! As for your little enabler, he’s one clever clog. Mine is a bit taller and slightly older but an enabler all the same. The last time we ventured into our LYS, I suddenly had a basket full of yarn, none of which I put in there myself!

  7. I have definitely been coerced into making people things when they come with me. It’s strange, because sometimes it’s a lot harder to get them to ask for things when you AREN’T at the store, isn’t it?

  8. My daughter always finds novelty yarns that I simply must buy – even though I don’t like knitting with them and she really needs something a bit more “normal” to learn on.
    By the way, I got an email alerting me to your comment on my blog, but it hasn’t appeared on the blog itself. Weird.

  9. I wish I had a LYS close by…I think the nearest good one is in Brisbane, although my hubby will tell you that may not be such a bad thing!

    • I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a LYS nearby! I guess that’s where I’d be even more grateful for the world of online shopping.

  10. Love it when you get so poetic about yarn 🙂

    Due to my finances though I’m kind a glad my LYS isn’t really that ‘around the corner’.. and I’m still dreaming about finding some sort of neverending skein there… 😉

  11. That Kiwi is going to be delicious, I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

  12. Yes, my niece is my winggirl and often gets yarn for me to make her something….