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Corrupting the innocent


One of my colleagues at work is a knitter.  She’s a very lovely lady who has been a knitter since she was about 6 years old.

We’ve talked about knitting a little bit (not too much, there’s work to do).  She told me she doesn’t knit a lot as her children don’t want knits for the grandkids.  However, she recently let on she has been knitting them hats.  So I thought I’d share the joy and showed her my socks in progress.  She hadn’t knit socks before.  She liked the look of them, and remarked how thin they were, as she squished them appreciatively.

That day, she bought her first skein of sock yarn…

Today, in that breathless voice we all recognise with a knowing smile, she told me she’d spent the weekend glued to her needles, she was having so much fun with the socks.

She spied my Wholehearted sitting on the chair.  “Did you knit that?  Oh gosh, that looks complicated!”  I told her it wasn’t that hard.  She’d like to knit one now.

I also showed her the cute kid mittens I’ve got on the needles, and mentioned how they can be knitted from the leftovers of sock yarn… you could see the wheels turning.   I said I’d give her the pattern (it’s my own – a variation of the Adorable Kids Fingerless Gloves).  She said, “Yes please!”

I haven’t showed her Ravelry yet.

How long do you reckon before she becomes a Knitter?

Giggle.  It’s such fun to share the joy of new options and techniques to those who haven’t been aware of what’s out there until now!


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20 thoughts on “Corrupting the innocent

  1. Ha Ha Hook, line and sinker! Hooray 🙂

  2. Brilliant. I know when in the wool shop I ask customers if they have discovered raverly (and a few nice blogs – yours and Alice’s included) and when the say no, I apologise (for the hours they will spend in the future glued to the computer) and send them away with a bit of paper with a few web addresses written on it. Nice feeling corrupting the innocent!!


    (love the mits)

  3. Another converted 😉 Way to go! Once you tell her about Ravelry, it’ll be all over for her!!

  4. As you said, you’re spreading the joy but out of fairness, you should tell her to start putting some pennies aside to save up for all the yummy yarn she’ll now want to buy!

  5. Aren’t you the sneaky one!!! I think there will be a lot more knit talking at work!!!!
    How fun!

  6. Yay! It’s so exciting to help others find that joy and excitement through yarn! I hope her children change their minds about hand knits for the grandkids. Maybe she can show them how cute and reasonable homemade socks/gloves/hats/etc. can be!

  7. Get that girl on ravelry!

  8. She doesn’t know about Ravelry, wow is she in for a treat! You are so kind and supportive!

  9. It’s so exciting to hear about a knitter discovering new knitting possibilities. Thanks for sharing. Hearing about her excitement really put a smile on my face.

  10. The infection spreads……I loved refinding knitting again and discovering all manner of yummy yarns to knit now in New Zealand.

  11. Oh it is so exciting drawing someone in to the very addictive world of knitting – I have to control myself from sounding like a nutter so they don’t get freaked out!

  12. Slightly off-topic, but today a man spotted me knitting (while waiting for my daughter to finish her Pippins meeting) and he said he still wears a jumper his mum knitted for him 30years ago!

    • Men do seem to have quite an emotional connection to knitting. I get that comment quite a lot, or “My mum used to knit…” (gazes wistfully into the past).

  13. Way to bring back a lost sheep into the knitting fold!!!

  14. Yay for a new sock knitter! It’ll be a lifelong addiction. Hah, she’s going to love Ravelry – after first being overwhelmed by it 🙂

  15. Love the story. I think you have rekindled a memory or two.
    Enjoy sharing with your colleague.

  16. loved reading the story!

  17. I love these experiences, especially watching their eyes get that light of excitement at all of the things they can do that they didn’t know about! Keep at it! =D