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Today, I want to show you something:

This is my knitting area.  As I’ve mentioned to others, it’s an archeological dig.  There are layers:

That’s the top, or working layer.  It holds current projects, as well as my Hopes and Dreams (aka inspiration and motivation).

This is the second layer, projects that have been put aside (temporarily) for one reason or another.   Sometimes there are bits left over of projects finished that I haven’t tidied away yet (see the red alpaca scrap on my cabled number?)

The deepest layer holds projects that are truly hibernating (and, I can see with annoyance, more bits that haven’t been tidied away from finished projects).

It’s messy, but it’s reasonably organised.  See this?

That’s my tools box.  It sits right beside the knitting chair so that can find everything I want in there, thanks to the ingenuity of a little boy who said to me one day “Mum, why don’t you use this box, and you can put all your tools in there so you don’t lose them?”  Isn’t he smart??  He’s obviously witnessed me raging about missing needles and scissors and measuring tape once too often… ;p

And you know what? I don’t feel an iota of guilt that I have so many WIPs piled up.  Nope.  It’s the only space in the house with ‘mess’ if you want to call it that (not including the boy’s toys piled on the coffee table, and the Teenager’s Room, hmm), but it’s my creative jungle, and that’s the way it is.

Knitting is my path to sanity, and I knit what I need to get there (most of the time).  If something isn’t ‘doing it’, I might sit on it for a while (see archeological dig), or it will go to the frog pond.  My knitting is not a Job.  It’s not the supper sitting in the fridge needing to be cooked.  It’s not a mess on the floor that needs vacuuming. It’s not the ironing.  It’s not something that has to be done.  These days, it’s not even like it needs to be finished so that someone can be warm, or clothed.

It’s my joy, and my relaxation.

So I have let go of the guilt of not finishing a project before starting another.  When I get to finishing it, I will.  It’s a ‘go with the flow’ thing.  My daughter once called my WIP pile tidal – it ebbs and flows.   Sometimes there is only one layer, and then I’ll get inspired and just have to start a new thing…

After I took those photos yesterday, I had a bit of a tidy, and got rid of all the ‘extras’ floating in the layers.  And just so you can see it’s a work in motion:

They’re done.  They’re the gloves you see as WIPs on the pile.

Everyone does what they need to do to be happy and comfortable with their creative process. I just thought I’d share mine today.  🙂


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21 thoughts on “Antitypical?

  1. I love how you’ve described what knitting means to you (so creatively too!), you are so right, it should never be a job but as a comfort that can be there when you need it. I don’t think that I could operate under your system though, I cannot handle things sitting around and still be productive. I love the little cabled (?) project in your second level, it looks beautiful!

  2. Whenever I get comments on my knitting pile I always answer: “At least I can always find what I’m looking for.” Oh, and I always have a bunch of wips on my needles. I something need some instant gratification so I like having a heavier weight project. And then I have a lace project on my needles, and socks, and a scarf. And then there’s wip where I just have to knit a bit more til I’m done, I just can’t make myself to finish it.

  3. I agree that once something you love to do becomes a “job” or an obligation, it loses its appeal. Like Pumpkin, I need to have my knitting more organized & my yarns safely away from prying kitty paws, but if the system works for you, don’t listen to those who tell you it should be done another way. Enjoy!

  4. You have just made my day. I have a quaint English Cottage that is FULL of my WIP’s, creative ideas, trials, balls of wool just waiting to be knit into that thing I want to knit.

    I might be inspired to show my WIP etc soon, but then again maybe I should have a tidy too!!

    Enjoy your week xx

  5. I applaud your wonderful messy pile of WIPs and yarn and tools and patterns and … it’s lovely! Could I do that? Hmmm, I doubt it. I’m not very relaxed when I feel that things are getting too untidy but I do surround myself with my knitting, yarn, patterns, pots of tea, and music when I get to enjoy my knittng time. Like you, I find it completely inspiring and relaxing! xo

  6. Hurrah for letting go of the guilt! I love getting little sneak peeks of other people’s stash (so nosey!). Yours definitely does not disappoint. So many lovelies and I love the strata of it all! I’m particularly enamoured by the pink and green skein in the first pic, it looks like spring in a skein! Super pretty 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing I think we all have our moments of cluttered places and minds, but like you said so what, who cares, it’s our space, our love, and our life!!! Amen
    If it makes us happy, then it’s all good, xoRobin❤

  8. Love how actually organized your knitting area is. :-). My stash is in my “study,” but most of my WIPs are in the bedroom on shelves (except for the one that lives in my purse; currently Wholehearted). I need a box for my tools. (Clever boy!). You may have inspired me to do some organizing. Or maybe I will sit and knit, with a cup of tea and a cat. 🙂

    • Aren’t cats clever to work out that if you are knitting, you’re likely not to move for a while and therefore represent a comfortable, warm place to sit!? 😉

  9. I’m in complete agreement with you. Knitting should be fun, and if a project isn’t fun, it should be either frogged or put aside.
    I love that you call your pile an archeological dig.

  10. I’ve just read another knitter’s post on exactly the same topic. Must be something in the universe!

    I spent some time yesterday making some inroads into my knitting muddle….lots more to do there too!

  11. Hooray I am not the only one! My pile looks just like yours except it is spread over two areas because the end of the kitchen table, although the table is huge is not the best area for my WIP pile…I do have to move it occasionally on the weekends when we have a family meal together ( I move it into the bedroom onto the bed and then right back to the kitchen after dinner ). I am terrible for starting a new project whilst still having numerous projects on the needles. I have load of project bags. Knitting is my relaxation therapy too 🙂

  12. I organise everything by putting it all in fabric bags that hang from hooks on the inside of my bedroom door. They don’t rattle much ‘cos the contents are all soft…

  13. It’s so refreshing reading about your knitting spot and your pile. I know what you mean about the guilt of starting something new while still doing something else…. I have to work at that. It doesn’t stop me starting (not too much) but I have to let go of the burden of having something unfinished. All good life lessons – it’s all a wip in progress really.

  14. Lovely reading ! And you are so right; it is not a job, so why hurry and finish one project when you feel more like doing another at the time ?

  15. This cheered me so much. Thank you for sharing your layers with us 🙂 I have yarn for future dreams and games in progress all over the house. I try to keep them “together” or at least hidden in appropriate spots (the storage ottoman). Knitting is supposed to be fun, and if you need a break from one WIP for a new WIP I say, have at it!

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  17. My son gave me a sewing box made of plastic for Christmas for all my knitting bits and pieces, best thing ever. It’s a bit of a tackle box type thing, with little sections in the top layer for stuff. Love it as it has all my sewing together needles, stitch markers, wpi measure, cable needles, tape measure, thread cutter etc all in one place and there’s room in the bottom for buttons, circular needles etc. We all need something organised in our knitting place I think – the rest of mine is rather like yours, good to know I am not alone!

  18. hmmm, great philosophy