Wonders of Wool market day

Today was one of the few days in the year when you can fondle yarn in large quantities in Wellington (unless you go to a yarn store).

It was the annual Wonders of Wool market day at the Wellington Underground Market.  And all my knitting dreams came true!

This is my haul:

Would you like a closer look?

I have been looking for this exact shade of yarn for a shawl for a while now:

I’ve been fantasizing about a shawl in shades of burnt terracotta, and I found it:  Little Wool Company 40% silk, 30% mohair and 30% wool.  Fingering weight (4ply).  In the Topaz colourway.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw it.  Woo hoo!!  Best of all, it has a pretty silk slub through it – just perfect!  😀

Next, I found this:

This is the twin to the pretty Lime colourway I showed you a couple of weeks ago.  It’s fingering weight, pure wool.  All 200g (8oz) of absolute loveliness.  This is the Iris colourway.  More of its beauty:

How could I say no?  *Happy sigh*.  Ah Anna Gratton, you are a dyeing goddess!

Some of you I know are itching to see more of this:

This is the very accurately named Aqua colourway.  It’s more Little Wool Company pure wool,  in chunky weight (12 ply).  Each skein a humongous 300gm (10oz) baby of delight.  I got enough to make me a pretty cardigan. Very, very, happy.  If you live in Alaska, I’m told that there is a lot of this colourway from Little Wool Co. in certain yarn stores there…

The other thing I’ve been craving to find (thanks to a very famous person blogging about self-striping rainbow socks… (no link required!)) was self-striping rainbow yarn.  And yes, here I found some!!!!

I was very, very excited to find this pretty Kauni baby.  It may not be New Zealand yarn, but I really don’t care.  It’s rainbow.self-striping.yarn.  This came from Yarnz, who specialise in importing yarn into New Zealand.

Finally, the person I’d come most to see:  James of Fibre Alive.  Here is my haul of his very lovely sock yarn:

From left to right:  Festival, Captain, Caramel Delight and Sweet Navel.

Again, I had plans to knit the orange and brown together into a shawl.  However, I have Anna’s pretty Topaz, so I might do something else with it.  Now that it’s winter, I’ve realised I need to knit more squishy hand-knit socks for me.

James is one of the sweetest people I know.  Some of you will know that he has now closed his online shop, and today was probably the last time that you could buy his yarn (for a while anyway).  Hence the rather large purchase.  Eric (son) kept trying to put more yarn into the basket, but I had to stop.  Had to save some funds for other purchases!  I could easily have bought up the entire stock of sock yarn that he had left…

James has plans for other fibery endeavours, and today he admitted he wasn’t quite sure he could give up the dyeing thing entirely.  Selfishly, I am rather glad.  I love his colourways, and I will definitely be a happy customer when he comes back with new product.  For the time being, he is going to take a wee break and concentrate his time on a project he has been wanting to get to.  It sounds very exciting!  At least I have enough of his yarn to see me through for a while… hehe.

There were quite a few other yarn people there, but my budget was already over-spent with those purchases, so with the boys in tow, I practically ran out of the market in an effort not to buy any more yarn!

Driving home was a little dodgy.  My head was so full of fibery happiness that the largest boy had to tell me to go at the lights (ahem) and remind me to drive to a friend’s house to drop off some knitting!

29 thoughts on “Wonders of Wool market day

  1. My goodness, an actual Wool Market … I am delirious and faint at the mere thought of it! I can feel your excitement from the top of my head to the end of my toes, and I don’t even have the prospect of going to it. I read about the your autumn days and winter approaching and I am so wistful for it. It’s spring here moving into summer. That Topaz really is Autumn and winter isn’t it? I am envious of it all!

  2. I know what you mean, my head would have been in the clouds after purchasing all that lovely wool too! You have some real beauties there 🙂

  3. So much yarn!!! Some of those skeins are huge! I can only imagine the amazing projects that are going to come from all this. Now I’m seriously jealous of your stash.

  4. It’s like eye-candy! I have so much yarn in my stash that I haven’t stepped into a yarn store in a while. I would not have been able to resist!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I always love seeing what others get at wool markets and festivals. I’m looking forward to seeing that topaz shawl, what a lovely skein!

  6. Had to laugh about your driving afterward. 🙂 I’ve done that, and I’m only thinking about potential projects and purchases. lol What lovely additions to your stash!

  7. SOOOO envious! Auckland just doesn’t seem to have the same opportunities available as Wellington. Surely not all the creative clever people live south of the Bombays? (Don’t answer that…) Maybe I’ll manage to schedule a trip to Wellington at the right time next year. Have a love time dreaming, and knitting, with those beauties!

  8. Oh I wish I had been there. That Sweet Navel color is especially pretty. Ok, I’ll say it, I’m a wee bit jealous. I can’t wait to see your Terra Cotta shawl. Sometimes it’s so hard to find just the right color. Terra cotta is one of those colors.

  9. Hehe- you can always trust famous people to get you addiction to hard to find yarn right? I am glad you found some self-striping and it is wonderul. I am jealous! Now that burnt terracotta….that is a whole other beast…I will be dreaming about it tonight. Heck I may even be dreaming of your entire stash. 🙂

    1. LOL! The terracotta has not made it into storage. It is sitting beside me (on the top of the Pile), while I knit my current project as fast as I can so I can knit the pretty shawl!!

  10. I was there yesterday and bought some dark green 12-ply from Anna Gratton to make a cardigan for the boy! Then I bought some marled DK in forest for me. What a pity it’s only once a year.

    1. What a pity we missed each other. I was squishing that dark green too – the Jungle and the Forest. But in the end, I had to choose only colour so I’d have enough for a garment… sigh. Hope you have fun knitting it!

  11. I was there too, and came home with quite the haul of lovely yarn! I got two jersey-lots (in Walnut and Lime) of Anna Gratton’s 4ply, a new spindle and some rainbow fibre, and other goodies. 🙂
    Such a fun day!

      1. I saw on facebook that she’ll be back at the Underground Market on the 9th of June, if you decide you do need more Lime… I think I’m full up on yarn for a little while!

  12. How I wish we had something similar in Auckland, you lucky Wellington people, have some of James’ lovely sock yarn to make myself a pair (Ravelry destash, lucky me) Would so love to be able to wander a wool/fibre market. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the terracotta – what pattern are you planning?

    1. I’m not entirely sure yet, but this one is coming out as a firm favourite so far, either as is, or as an adaptation of some kind.

      1. Hello from the sunny …at the moment!… South Coast of England! What pattern? Have I missed something? ;-?

  13. ooh … that’s lovely! In the colours it’s knitted in on the link it looks like the sea … or something you would find by, around, an Irish lake, I know you will like that! In the Topaz it would be like the area round the Irish lake in autumn with the trees and bracken turning that colour. I am thinking of the area around Glenalough in particular!

  14. Sounds like it was worth the visit, I totally forgot it was on, my bank account thanks me I am sure!

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