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I see in this yarn the beauty of fire

it catches the rays of the evening sun

the silken fibres glowing, radiant.


I decided to give you my mental and visual interpretation of this yarn today.

This ball of yarn makes me wax poetic.   It sends shivers down my spine with its beauty – I’ve  played with the raw image to give you what I see in my head; what inspires me to knit it into an interpretation of beauty that I can wear.

It is so beautiful.  I have been swatching it for the past couple of days.

I think I have hit upon a pattern.

More about it tomorrow!


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14 thoughts on “Glow

  1. I can pretty well see why it makes you poetic.. that yarn is absolutely gorgeous !
    I’m very curious what pattern you decide upon..

  2. Goodness! It’s positively volcanic! Reminds me of a fire when the Peat/logs/coals have been burning and you have a hot fire … where, when you look into it you can see pictures, while you knit away and the weather rages outside.
    I mentioned to you before my almost envious feeling of you now being in Autumn, while here we are in Spring moving into summer … maybe, though it’s doubtful, you should see the weather we’re having, you would never think we are in Spring! It’s our own fault though that the weather has turned upside down we have been so careless with such a precious, beautiful thing.

  3. Oh I lOVE that photo! Can you email me a copy for my FB page please 🙂

  4. Can you see the similarities between your yarn and the type of fire I mentioned? …

    How tantalizing, I can’t believe that we will have to wait another whole day to see your samples and decision on what to make with this fabulous yarn … the suspense is killing me! Cruel, cruel!

  5. Oh my goodness! Firey indeed! I love how you altered the photo. I’m sure you’re going to give it due justice when you knit it up!

  6. No wonder you love this yarn, it is pretty, pretty, pretty! I’m very excited to see what you do with it.

  7. One word: STUNNING!

  8. That yarn does look rather beautiful, I love what you’ve done with the pic. Can’t wait to see what you create with it!

  9. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what it becomes. Love the photo effects. KG

  10. Looks just amazing. I hope thats what my fire looks like tonight when I get it going!. I have been making your kids fingerless gloves with my leftover sock wool.All my grand children have them now and now their kindy friends are getting them for birthdays. Thanks so much for making the pattern avallable.

  11. It kind of looks like you are holding the sun in your hands.

  12. Wow, that is one gorgeous ball of yarn. I’m not surprised it gives you shivers, it’s stunning!