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It happens.


1.  More than a month ago, my 40 yr old stove decided to start packing up.  I asked my landlord if she would mind replacing it.  No problem.  “New” reconditioned stove duly arrives.  Only one of the elements isn’t working properly, and the oven itself is broken.  One ruined dinner, and no home baking that week.

2.  Element gets repaired by grumpy seller.  He finds he can’t repair the oven, so a week later, I get a new “new” stove.  I find that this time, ALL the elements on this oven are broken, and although the oven works, I am highly suspicious that the temperature is not accurate.  I haven’t dared to do baking yet.  Elements were supposed to be repaired yesterday, but after my breakfast porridge nearly boils out of its pot (again!) this morning, I realise that at least one of them is still broken…  After a month of shenanigans, my nerves are shot.  The man is not pleasant, and he insists on coming up to the house at highly unsociable hours, and it is highly stressful to keep noting that the oven doesn’t work.  I’m sure my landlord is sick of the whole process as well.  Do I put up with a stove with elements that don’t work properly and an oven that doesn’t bake at the right temperature?  This is not a good thing for me.  I love cooking, and baking.  It’s like I’ve lost my right hand.  How am I supposed to feed my family properly on a stove that doesn’t work?  What do I do?

3.  After a highly stressful day at work yesterday, I arrived home exhausted.  Thank goodness for knitting, is all I can say!  This morning, I was still tired and had a splitting headache.  Because I effectively work my own hours, I decided I’d do something to cheer myself up and take an early day and go buy some new clothes for the young man who has outgrown his current ones.  Shopping is always nice, especially if it’s guilt-free shopping!  However, I find out an hour into the day that I need to write a 10+ page document that is due in two days time… plans are pulled, Panadol swallowed, coffee drunk, and adrenalin is sourced from somewhere.  At 2.30pm, rushing out the door for the 3pm school pickup, and just about to push “send” to get input on the first draft, I get a phone call.  We’re not doing the job now.  Oh.  Drag sorry arse home.

4.  Find workmen at the house sorting out the issue of the leaking guttering (another source of irritation that has lasted several months).  It’s great that they’re fixing the guttering, but with the state my nerves are in, and the scraping, clattering, banging noises, I feel like a complete wreck until they thankfully go at 4.30pm.

5.  Take son to karate lessons at 6pm, only to find that the new ‘sensei’ foisted on us with no notice last week is definitely not nice ‘sensei’ like the last one.  Son edges out of class and refuses to go back in.  We go home.  Now I need to sort out finding a new place to take him for karate, or perhaps I should look into swimming instead.  In any event, it’s a hassle I do not need.

6.  A few days ago, cat gets into fight and develops an abscess.  Stupid animal.  Do you know how much stress you cause when you get sick?  We’d like you to stay healthy, and alive.  Please.  Thankfully, he’s feeling better now.

Universe, I think you’ve had your fun.  I’d like a nice, quiet, uneventful period of time in my life now.  When things somewhat work the way they’re meant to work, and I can get on with the business of surviving the usual daily hassles.  Without extra cherries on the top.

I’d like to say I’m cheery and chipper and nothing can make me feel bad.  It happens though, doesn’t it.  Sometimes, things get a bit much.

I know I’ll be fine in a day or two.  And now I’m off back to my knitting chair, which is looking like the place I want to grow roots into, and never get out of.  Ever again.


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20 thoughts on “It happens.

  1. Oh no, poor you! The sanctuary of your knitting chair and that wonderful, wonderful yarn will restore your calm … I find it acts a bit like a meditation for me. When everything seems to go wrong for me; and it does often, I think of this quote that I love: I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa xxx

  2. I think 2012 has been like that for a lot of people, I know it has been like that for us. I try to breath and remind myself that ‘this too shall pass’ but some times it takes real strength to keep doing that….thank goodness for knitting hey 🙂

  3. Blimey!! Sound like you have had a bucket full at the moment. Hope the cooker gets resolved ( have a lovely one in my garage you’d be more then welcome to but it is a bit of a long way to bring it over!! Knitting chair sounds like it is the place to be. Sat up at the dining room table looking around, kind of think that the most sane places are the ones with knitting project in progress all around.

    Hope the week gets better for all of you xx

  4. Ouch! I’m very sorry to hear about the overly chaotic time you’ve had lately 😦 I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Hopefully your stove will be fixed, work will smooth over, you can find a new instructor for your son, and you can get some quality knitting time in. Is Roly neutered? That would help cut down on the fighting and save you the hassle as well. Heaven knows you’ve more than had your share lately! Try to get some knitty time in if you can, have a cup of tea, and take a deep breath. It’ll get better!

    • Thank you for everyone’s lovely thoughts. I truly appreciate them. 🙂

      Roly is neutered. It doesn’t seem to stop him completely though, sadly. There is a very aggressively acquisitive cat in the neighbourhood who is trying to take over the garden – hence the fighting.

  5. Hugs, hugs, hugs! Stay in your knitting chair for a spell. Everything else CAN wait. xo

  6. I second what everyone above wrote. And am sending good energy (and hugs). 🙂

  7. Sending positive thoughts and strength your way across the waters. I hope all of this crap ends soon for you and that the solice you find in your knitting helps.

  8. I hope things calm down soon! It seems like everything bad that could possibly happen decided to happen at once. Sorry.

  9. Oh no, sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! I hope everything works out soon so you can take things easy for a bit. It’s horrible when everything just piles up on top of you. It would be so lovely to grow roots in our knitting chairs, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  10. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about all this. I know that I wouldn’t put up with a broken stove. The seller made a committment of some kind with you anyway. I am sure that things will improve very soon, please hang in there and when in doubt, knit!

  11. Thank goodness for knitting. Without it, we would all be puddles of disappointment on the floor.

  12. It must be that time, for us it’s the dishwasher/dentist/car/motorbike/glasses dramas, oh and Dh is getting highly stressed at work, he’s trying not to care but he just can’t help himself. Sit down, knit and say “this too shall pass”. I’m busy doing knitting and quilting to get through atm.

  13. I relate to a whole heap of things going wrong all at the same time. It is mega stressful and thank goodness for the gentle, soothing pasttime that knitting is.

    Citizens Advice Bureaux are great at helping you know your rights should it come to that over the stove. I’m sure there is a legal requirement for a working, safe stove to be in a house.

    Good luck with everything.

  14. Oh my… hope everything will soothe out quickly… *hug*

  15. Sounds like a nightmare! Hope it all gets sorted soon and in the meantime – you sit and knit…. sod dinner.

  16. Geez, Louise, sounds like everything conspires against at once.
    Hope you stay sane ’til this craziness passes.
    Pick of those needles and keep a ball of yarn in your pocket.

  17. you landlord should just suck it up and get you a new stove!
    Thank goodness for knitting, alright.