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The Thing and its Antidote


As I type this, I’m about 70% of the way through the first work-appropriate knit I’ve been talking about.

There’s nothing much to show you at this stage, as it’s just acres and acres of stocking stitch.  The detail in the picture is actually my modification to the design – I figured having an all-stocking stitch sideways knit (with no edgings) at the back might end up looking bad after a bit of wear, so I’ve added some structure to it.  I’ll tell you more about it once it is finished.

I am having great trouble staying awake knitting it.  After only 2″ of knitting, my eyes droop, my fingers refuse to move… my brain goes into shut-down mode… stocking stitch with no shaping at all is so monotonous it doesn’t do wonders for endurance!

I discovered that if I put on a movie, my fingers would knit automatically while I could entertain the brain by watching something.  I managed to knit an entire 10″ of stocking stitch in one go!

It’s very beautiful yarn (The Wool Co. Merino Possum), and I find that if I keep reminding myself how beautifully it is coming out, there is a certain incentive to continuing as well.

Unfortunately, after one movie, my brain figured out the trick, and the next night when I tried this, I found myself stretched out on the floor in front of the fire, sound asleep at 8.30pm… hmm.  Finishing this project is going to be a challenge!!  In fact, the dread of knitting this has transmogrified the project into “the Thing”.  The Thing which must be finished.  With a deep intake of breath and squaring of shoulders.

Yesterday, my fingers absolutely refused to go anywhere near the dreaded Thing.  Nor did my brain, if I speak honestly.  Instead, I was blatantly, and joyously unfaithful.  Knitting stocking stitch has sent me screaming to the opposite end of the spectrum of knitting, and I have spent the past few days lusting after cables.  And more cables, and more beautiful cables.

I thought that if I gave myself some incentive and fixed on the cardigan pattern I need to knit next, then I might be more motivated to knit the stocking stitch. If the Thing was any other project, I would frog it.  However, this is one project that I know I will wear and get a lot of use out of once it is done.  The problem is getting it done.

So, what of my cardigan adventures?

Aidez, I love.  However, I’m having trouble with a) the trellis cable at the back (boring) and b) the fact that it’s not designed to close.  Now, a) is easy enough to fix with an alternate cable.  I spent a happy evening plotting new cable designs to put on the back.  But b) is an issue.  I’m a nerd when it comes to cardigans.  I need the warmth from having the cardigan buttoned up. Also, I got very discouraged when I realised that all the suitable chunky yarn I have in my stash has insufficient yardage.  How annoying!  And I had already gone and got two more lots of this particular yarn – I appear to be suffering from a case of evaporating yarn!  So I will knit Aidez another day – once I work myself up to buying yet more yarn.

I’ve been wearing an alpaca pullover for the past couple of days, and the comforting warmth and cuddly softness of the alpaca has swayed me into wanting to knit something else in alpaca.  In my stash, I have a very enticing dark chocolate…

It has sat in my stash, quietly biding its time for quite a while, and yesterday, it bit hard.  Very hard.

I’m pretty sure this is it.

This is the cables & lace hoodie, a free pattern from Patons.  The sharp-eyed among you will notice I’m messing with the cables, but I will probably be knitting to pattern for the rest of it.  The yarn is a non-commercial 80% alpaca, 20% merino.

It is proving to be the perfect Antidote.  As soon as I feel a case of the drooping eyelids happening, I switch projects, and what do you know?  Suddenly, I’m awake again!  ;D

I’ve had quite a bit of fun settling on a cabled pattern.  But I shall leave that story for another day!

Hope you are enjoying a lovely Queen’s Birthday weekend.


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14 thoughts on “The Thing and its Antidote

  1. Your post made me laugh today 🙂 I do love that chocolate alpaca, it looks so warm and soft. I have a stash of chocolate alpaca/wool mix too that is spun thick and thin but I have no idea what I was going to knit with it? One day it will tell me what it wants to be!

  2. Love your post and I know the feeling – knitting endless endless stocking stitch.

    Try intarsia and colour and you will not yawn any longer – you can also use intarsia when you have insufficient yarn of the weight you wish to knit.

    I do swap projects when tired, or not making progress and need something to alert the brain.

  3. Staying awake while knitting… I have the same problem sometimes

  4. Sometimes I am the opposite. When I am tired I pick up my plain knitting so I don’t have to think about the patterns!

  5. Both your projects look lovely – but I can understand your difficulty to stay awake with the red one.. no stripes, no cables, no lace – I don’t think I would be too bored to finish it! Envy your endurance 😉

  6. Both of those projects are looking so great! I can definitely see why the first one would get tiring to work on, I’m having the same problem right now. I seriously just want to fast-forward through the body section right now. Hang in there though, it will be so beautiful when you finish!

  7. both yarns look divine – I have that falling asleep problem with mindless ss too – glad you’ve found a remedy 🙂

  8. I love that cardigan- it’s the perfect antidote to all of that stockinette!

  9. I’ve been boring myself with the cardigan I’m making for my other half – it’s got a stitch pattern so I can’t just do it while watching tv or having a conversation, but it’s not interesting enough that I can knit it without doing anything else (except yawning). I guess that’s why we have multiple projects.
    I don’t get the whole non-closing cardigan thing either, but maybe that’s because I live in a windy city!

  10. Glad you found your antidote! That chocolate yarn is beautiful, almost has a hint or purple. I have had knitting that put me to sleep, too — but then I reason I must need the sleep. 🙂

  11. I am a voice alone in the wilderness, I love knitting stocking stitch and with fine wool on fine needles! I think it was years of knitting acres of stocking stitch because it was all I could do. My mother was a wonderful knitter but had no patience to show me shaping decreasing etc but as a child, I wanted to actually knit while sitting next to her. I have to say people ALWAYS comment on how neat and even my stocking stitch is, so there must indeed be a silver lining in everything. I know, I know … I am alone!

  12. LOL! You cracked me up. Sorry the stockinette stitch is boring you. That color has me drooling. Just beautiful. Good luck on trying to trick your brain again.
    The Cables and Lace hoodie is an absolute dream!! You always pick beautiful yarn colors.

  13. cet hiver,j’avais l’envie de tricoter et j’apprécie cette couleur de la pelote