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You know how I mentioned in my last post that I was finding the drape-front sweater very boring to knit?  Well, it turns out that all you need is a cold snap in the weather to get it done in record time!

While temperatures are heating up in the Northern Hemisphere, New Zealand had its first polar blast of the season this week, bringing snow storms to the South Island and central plateau of the North (but sadly, not Wellington).  It was bitterly cold.

Yours truly suddenly found that her by-now 30+ inches long sweater-in-progress was an extremely snuggly and very toasty warm possum blanket to hide under while happily knitting away…  it became my favourite project to knit – the perfect insulating layer of warmth between me and the frigid temperatures!

Truly, I did not want it to finish, but here it is, all done:

Click here for my Ravelry notes if you’re interested in the technical bits – I’ve put in some hints about sewing up and the structure of the back which might be of interest.

This has turned out exactly as I thought it would.  It is beautifully silky soft, very warm without being the unpleasant kind of overheated warm and has just the right amount of drape.   It’s one of those sweaters that you want to stroke and cuddle as if it were a furry kitty.

Talking of warm, I was very fortunate to be wearing another pullover knitted with possum yarn at a training course I attended this week.  While everyone else in the room turned blue due to the faulty heating system, I was quietly very snug, and toasty warm, and very thankful for my worsted-weight possum pullover!  I tried not to look too smug.  I wore a chunky weight, colourwork vest in 100% wool (think double-layer chunky yarn) the next day, and even then it was nowhere near as warm as the cosy possum pullover I wore the day before.

I’m very pleased to have another possum addition to my wardrobe.  It’s going to come in handy!


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28 thoughts on “Snuggly

  1. Looks gorgeous, and I LOVE the colour. A good reminder to get my own snuggly possum knit out of hibernation….

  2. Beautiful! And I love the colour choice, it’s awesome 😀

  3. That red colour is just perfect for you – you look amazing!

    I am sorry to report from the northern hemisphere that the warm weather was here a couple of weeks ago, but left as quickly. Now it is cold… like 10-11 degr C and cloudy or rainy… woolly fleece slippers on every day to keep feet warm. No summer in sight so far :S

  4. The colour is both amazing and amazing on you! I am loving the shot in front of the beautiful blue of the sea – the colours in NZ are so vibrant – last time I landed in the UK after being in NZ it felt like someone had turned the colour down!
    Glad to hear you are snuggly – I must get myself some of that possum for me!

  5. Hi there, That sweater is magnificant! You look great in it and the Red is perfect. You are an amazing knitter and I love seeing everything you knit and the speed in which you finish a sweater. Quite something : )
    Have a lovely weekend, xoRobin❤

  6. I really like your new jumper, such a lovely colour and the drape is gorgeous. I used to have a jumper years ago that was similar to that and I loved it too. It was silk though not possum, think I would prefer the possum.

  7. Ahh the beauty of stocking stitch and red … stupendous!

  8. It is indeed a lovely sweater. And if you are sorry to be done with it, you can always start another in a different color. 🙂

    • Hehe! Good thought! I am going to be launching into another endless stocking stitch project in possum next, so I guess that will be my substitute snuggly blanket. 😉

  9. Aren’t super snugly sweaters the best? I love the red!

  10. I grinned when I read your blog … here in California, I had to put my knitting down (Silk Cloud by Shibui Knits – mohair/silk) b/c it was warm and my hands were getting moist and I was afraid I was going to felt the yarn! 🙂

  11. There is nothing like a snuggly sweater. That color on you is just perfect!

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  13. Love the sweater…and your picture backdrop is lovely too 🙂

  14. It’s gorgeous! Both the color and the shape are pretty.
    You made me realize that knitting is indeed a “winter sport” (or it’s just that I prefer to knit winter items?). I mostly knit during the winter and sew during the summer.

    • Good point. I’m really surprised this winter how much more I am enjoying knitting than in the summer. In the summer it’s the joy of the physical process that keeps me going, but in winter, it’s the “whole package”! Although if one enjoyed knitting pretty lace shawls, I doubt summer knitting would be a problem! 😉

  15. Hi there! I love this sweater on you. I might have to order some possum and try it out! I did buy a cape when we were there in Feb. and I just love it! Guess I’ll have to try knitting with it! It’s our summer here in the midwestern U.S., so I might have to wait until fall in September. Keep inspiring us out here!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I think you’ll find knitting with possum even better – the yarn weight is at least twice as thick as that of a commercial garment, making it even warmer than ever! Just the right thing for when temperatures drop again in your part of the world.

  16. That is so pretty! I wish we had cold enough weather where I live to wear possum. There are only a few possum days a year over here.

  17. Yes it has definitely been possum weather lately. The only thing is that when the southerly is blowing you have to cover up the pretty sweater with a boring rain coat..

    • The beauty of having possum inside the coat of course is that you have extra insulation! It came in handy today!!

      • Of course the really great thing is the wow factor. Situation a Café or something similar, it cold and wet outside and when take your coat off it takes people by surprise at the beauty and vibrancy of it … several ”Wow’s” of admiration and more than a tinge of envy are heard across the Café! You of course sit down rightly as pleased as punch!! Love it! I can’t wait for the winter here!! 😉

  18. Love the sweater! Have some Tamarillo in my stash that I am planning to use for a cable sweater, love The Wool Company’s possum. Am currently living in vests I have made with their possum, and one of the things I love about them is the way it doesn’t shed or pill.