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Strong heart


Today, dear readers, I introduce Strong Heart.

Originally conceptualised many months ago, after I’d been reading quite a few blog posts about life’s challenges, I thought it would be nice to knit something as a reminder of the nicer things in life, and as my gift to my knitting sisters, who find life a struggle on occasion.

These gloves are dedicated to my dear friend, Kb, who is going through some tremendous changes in her life right now.

It feels nice to finally have wrapped around my arms what I’ve had in my head for so long.  The cabled motif is a continuous string of hearts.  As I knitted them, I reflected on how much you could read into the hearts – a love of knitting; a love for the person you might be knitting the gloves for; a love for all things cabled – the list goes on!  In this case, the hearts represent “heart”.  The ability to take strength; to take heart, and go on, to take on the good and the bad, opportunity and disappointment, and continue to enjoy all that life has to offer.  Hence the name “Strong Heart”.

But wait, there’s more! This is the mitten version.

I’ve used the wonderful Stansborough Mythral yarn, (DK weight, 100% New Zealand Stansborough Grey wool), in the Rata colourway for the long, fingerless version.  The mittens are in Kokako Grey – the natural colour of the sheep.

The pattern is of course, free and it will be released in about a week.  (I have some major work on at the moment that will prevent me from writing the pattern up too quickly).  Thanks to my son Tim, for the great pics today.

I hope you are having a marvellous, relaxing weekend.  🙂


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25 thoughts on “Strong heart

  1. Both versions and both colors are just perfect. Congratulations, you did an amazing work designing this. And thanks for offering it for free! I will knit them when fall arrives here.

  2. Love your blog,so nice to have you there.😘

  3. Beautiful, as always! Sending lots of positive thoughts to your friend Kb. xx

  4. Wow… they are stunning ! And to realise they represent so much makes them even more beautiful…

  5. Wow, totally gorgeous and I am sure kb will be thrilled that you have made them for her. I love the red and wish it was cold enough here to wear them, I have only worn my possum mitts once this year so far 😦

  6. they are quite magic, i love them!!! thank you for both your blogs today [which is like another layer of human onionskin as you share a little more of your very interesting life with us]and for your wonderful heart in also sharing your patterns with us yet again. i will really look forward to knitting the fingerless ones. thank you so very much 🙂

  7. PS it is another lovely photo of you too with your red gloves

  8. Hi KW, Love your new blog design and arrangement! The Strong Heart warmers and mittens are just divine. The thought, wishes, prayers, positive energy that went into each knitted stitch is so powerful. I just think it is wonderful. The design is beautiful and look so lovely on. You are an inspiration to all! Bravo!

  9. Beautiful! I can’t wait to knit them – lots of time before our winter (Ohio, USA). Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  10. Am I surprised that your new design is so gorgeous? Absolutely not … you are so talented, and I love the warmth and message behind this new pattern. I’ll be casting on as soon as you release this! xo

  11. Those are gorgeous and so very lovely! I can’t wait to knit a pair!

  12. Love your new blog design. Well done!
    Those red gloves are just fantastic. What a wonderful friend you are to dedicate them to you friend.

  13. I love how you ended the mitten top. A perfect placement of the heart.

    And I still have the Mythral you sent me in a bowl on my work table staring at me. It’s getting harder and harder to resist its allure.

  14. Such a beautiful pattern! I will definitely queue it for knitting this Fall. Although I’m not sure which version I would want to knit, they both have a very different feel to them.

  15. They are beautiful! Another of your designs to go on my queue. 🙂

  16. The pattern is very nice! I will have to knit them in red in memory of my dear sister, who has passed away from heart disease. I miss her dearly every day. Thank you for the pattern!

  17. Wow they are beautiful, and FREE?! I am super excited! Thanks

  18. THe heart cabling is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in red!

  19. wow – did you design the cable pattern? It’s tremendous!

    • I cannot claim credit for designing the cable. It’s featured in one of Melissa Leapman’s books – I have just adapted it for the gloves. 🙂

  20. Gorgeous – both the fingerless and the mitts! I love the interlocking hearts, the colours and they look sooooo warm 🙂

  21. They are sooo BeAuTiFuL !! Would make perfect xmas gifts…
    Looking forward to the pattern!

  22. Love the mitts.
    The hearts cables are beautiful!

  23. I only wish it was cooler here…I love the mitts! The fingerless gloves will work and are beautiful as well. Thank you!

  24. lovely