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I’m not sure if you get the same way, but when I have a cold, I can’t think.  My head gets all woolly and cloudy, and it’s very hard to maintain thought direction.  It looks like it is also affecting my knitting…

With only half a sleeve to go and the hood, I’m almost done with the Cable and Lace Hoodie.  There’s not much to see – the pattern probably won’t show until it’s worn.

Glorious, cuddly alpaca.  🙂  However, despite knowing how nice it will be to wear a new top, I have been distracted.

This is some Knitsch 100% New Zealand merino sock yarn in a colourway called Connie that I’ve had for a while.

It’s very like a sorbet refresher between courses, don’t you think?  Perhaps it’s what I need to clear my mind and get over this wretched cold before I start to tech edit the pattern for the Strong Heart mittens.

Let’s not forget finishing that hoodie!


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11 thoughts on “Sorbet

  1. I would be distracted by that colourway as well, gorgeous!

  2. Sorry you are still not well….and yes it looks like sorbet

  3. Oh both look great, that yarn has such a fitting name.

  4. Not fair! I’ve been wanting the Connie colourway for a year and have none! 😦 Hope you come right soon – I’m at the last, lingering stage of my own cold and it is such an effort to stitch anything!

  5. Pretty sorbet yarn! Ahhh the lure of a new knit – gets me every time….

  6. When my head is muddled (health, lack of sleep, whatever), I find a light-colored yarn is always easier to knit. 🙂 Sending you healthy vibes!

  7. That sock yarn is pooling beautifully. I really love when the colors spiral down a sock.

  8. I totally know what you mean about concentration with a cold, I’m just getting over one myself and have resorted to spinning and Xbox to keep myself amused as I couldn’t do anything complicated at all!

  9. The sweater looks so warm!

  10. Take care of yourself

  11. That Connie yarn is the sweetest!
    I can only manage very simple tv-knitting when I’m sick. Hope you feel better soon.