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Saturday cuteness


Chugging along slowly with things this week.  I can’t believe how a little cold can play such havoc with one’s mental capacity!  Thank you so much for your well wishes from my last post. 🙂  I really appreciate your kind comments.

I thought I’d pop in with a photo of the cutest little baby Emperor Tamarin.   It’s the school holidays and my brother and family came down to Wellington for the day.   We went to the Wellington Zoo for a family outing.  I haven’t been to the zoo for a while, and in that time they have done a lot to develop it and make it more interesting and interactive for the visitor.  We really enjoyed our stay!  It’s a good zoo for a half-day trip – not so big that you get tired before you see all the exhibits.

This baby is so tiny, he’ll fit into your hand – see the average-sized dinner plate he/she’s eyeing up appreciatively.

One more photo, just for fun:

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  From the sounds of it, it’s pretty hot in some places in the world right now – hope you get some relief soon.

I’ll be back soon with some finished project photos!


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9 thoughts on “Saturday cuteness

  1. oh my goodness – that sure is interactive! Is that your plate?

    • It’s the tamarin’s food plate – an internal area in their enclosure been decorated to look like the tamarin’s “living room” which you can look straight into through a glass window. The plate is what their food has been put on (to add to the effect of it looking like a house).

  2. What a cutie! I love that you and your family went to the zoo in the winter…gosh, with this horrid heat wave (100 today), I am yearning for winter right now!

  3. Very cute! I like Tamarins in general and the picture of it sticking out it’s tongue is absolutely adorable. Glad you had a good time!

  4. He’s adorable! Too cute…

  5. The tamarins are always my favourite at the oo, esp. the one with the golden mane.

  6. Awww-adorable! Our local aquarium just got a baby otter. As soon as they put him in the big pen with the others I’m going to go see him!

  7. I’m glad you felt up to going out to the zoo. I’ve had a cold all of last week and I’m still feeling heavy at times with it. I’ve managed to sew up some handwarmers and keep on with the pink Pumpkin hoodie but lots of other things have gone by the by.

    Health germs all around :-))