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The Cables and Lace Hoodie


Sometimes a project seems to take forever to finish.  16 balls of yarn: one back, two fronts, two sleeves and a hood later, I finally found myself with a set of pieces that were ready to be sewn together!

Last night, I sat down to start the sewing together.  I forgot how much fun seaming is.  🙂  I stayed up to 1am because I couldn’t put this down until the very last stitch was done… and now, the hoodie is finished!

They’re terrible photos I’m afraid.  It is very difficult to photograph this thing – even more so when they’re self-taken.  I’ve tried to give you an idea of the sizing and detail as best I can!

I’m really pleased with it as I’ve made quite a few modifications to get it to fit correctly and look how I wanted – among other things, I changed the cables as I didn’t like the original puffy ones.  The details are Ravelled here.

This is a lovely warm addition to the winter wardrobe!! I used a naturally coloured New Zealand alpaca yarn that came from a small producer and that I have been saving for the right project.  This is one of the reasons I kept the knitting in pieces and didn’t knit the body as one.  I felt that the seams would contribute some structure in case the yarn decided to stretch.

So… what’s next?  Well… there’s this very pretty fresh green chunky merino…

I’ve wanted to do something with it for ages.  It’s hand-dyed by Happy Go Knitty and I think I’ve just settled on something cute.  More on it later!


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16 thoughts on “The Cables and Lace Hoodie

  1. I love how your hoodie has turned out. The cables are luscious and what a fantastic fit. Gorgeous, totally gorgous. Well done!!

  2. Beautiful! It looks great on you 🙂 Your skill never ceases to amaze me. I hope it keeps you nice and snuggly this winter.

  3. Wow- it’s gorgeous! The fit looks great.

  4. It looks absolutely wonderful ! And I love those buttons on it too, they match just great !

  5. Wow! That is a lot of knitting and it looks superb. Now you can face this nasty winter snuggled in your hoodie:-)

  6. I respect your love of seaming … I only wish I could find that love, too! What a gorgeous cardigan/hoodie. Wear it well and wear it often! xo

  7. Wow, that hoody turned out well and a beautiful fit. Really nice. With the summer we’re having I could do with something like this!
    Bimbi x

  8. lovely hoody

  9. As everyone has written, the hoody is beautiful! What a feeling of satisfaction you must have. 🙂 Also love the color of the upcoming project.

  10. Is this hoodie a design of your own, or is it a published pattern? Love the way it turned out. I love cables & I could use something like this up here in the northern U.S.A.

    • It’s a published pattern. If you have a look at the link I put into the post, it will take you to the pattern. 🙂 It’s a lovely free pattern from Patons.

  11. NEAT buttons … when I travel I always buy buttons (!) – easier to pack & carry than bags upon bags of yarn. 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂 Those buttons have been in my button stash for a few years waiting for the right project. I agree with you – if you see buttons you like it’s good to buy them!

  12. You are excellent. I adore that hoodie and bonus it looks fantastic on you!

  13. I’ve knit a cotton pullover with no side seams
    {btw, I am going to frog the entire sweater for other reasons}
    but when I knit this pattern again [with cotton yarn] I’ll consider putting in the seams.