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Lettuce green


I mentioned in my last post that I’d been wanting to do something with this yarn for quite a while now:

I have 700g of this lovely 12 ply (chunky) core spun New Zealand merino yarn from Happy Go Knitty.  It’s a single spun yarn with a nylon thread core for strength.  At first, I wanted to knit a tunic-style dress with it – I could imagine myself cocooned in a beautiful snuggly layer of chunky yarn.  In a fresh, springlike green, it would chase away the winter blues!  However, as I started knitting with it, I began to worry whether I would have enough yarn.  You can tell when you go through half a ball just on the welt alone…  darn it!

A few days ago I happened to be visiting Drops’ website to view the latest patterns coming on line.  This number caught my eye.  I actually do have some Eskimo in my stash, so I got it out and did a quick swatch.  As I was doing that, it occurred to me that Eskimo and the 12 ply core spun had the same weight… tick, tick, hmm, let me see…

I ripped out the ribbing for the dress, and this took its place in extremely quick time (you’ve got to love how quickly chunky yarn knits up!)  This pattern is much better suited to the yarn.  Chunky yarn of this weight might have ended up being too heavy in a dress in any event.

This yarn is an interesting exercise in gauge.  I don’t normally knit with chunky yarn, and I was concerned about using such large needles – surely 10mm would be too big???  The swatch looked awfully loose!  However, I decided to trust the pattern and as I knitted, it became apparent that I could use the larger needles – the yarn in a larger block of knitting came together beautifully, and in fact, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t actually be using a size larger needle!

The interesting thing is that although the gauge swatch was spot on, the garment gauge is coming in smaller.  Which means that the sweater is going to be narrower than it is meant to be, and in fact, it’s quite “fitting”.  So as I knit, I’m beginning to think… do I rip this out and start again with more stitches or use a larger needle??  Or do I just knit a fitted sweater for a change?

I pulled out my existing sweaters and measured this WIP against them.  It’s knitted in the round, so there is the ability to try it on as well – it’s not too small.  Definitely narrower than my baggy sweaters, but still wider than the fitting ones… so it will fit, but it won’t be roomy.  I’m going to ‘go with it’ and stay with the size that it is for now.  Hopefully I won’t regret that decision!

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12 thoughts on “Lettuce green

  1. Really lovely colour. A more fitted jumper will look good on you. Just hunting back through your posts for the stretchy cassette off…….

    Hope all is well.

    Jose home for the summers and h boyfriend is here all of the time as well. Oh to be so young and loved up. Best thing is not only does he make her happy but also seems to be able to cook. Just got to work on Josie’s hoovering skills and I’m sorted!

  2. You might get a couple of extra inches from blocking. Plus, all of that heavy, chunky wool will definitely stretch.

  3. That is a fantastic colour! And the pattern looks really cozy. The two together will be fantastic.

  4. I’m completely in love with your yarn … that color is amazing! I think you’re making the right decision by sticking with the needles as is. You have such a beautiful shape — you should show it off a little! ; )

  5. That yarn looks lovely ! Really like the colour.. love it when winter clothes are a different colour than greys & blues anyway…

  6. Arrrrgh ! ! ! ! That’s what so crazy about garment knitting, for me at least.
    Give me a sock to knit any day.
    I am giving sweater knitting a chance in this past six months and am bound and determined to get comfortable with
    a. buying a sweater’s worth of yarn
    b. making a sweater that looks great on Me
    c. making gauge all the through the entire sweater

    You sound confident and knowledgeable. Thanks for the inspiration.
    L♥ve your Greeen


    • You’ll get there! I’m interested to see how you’re going with the Henley sweater.

      More to come about Olga (the sweater I’m knitting)!

      • Intagliata Henley is on holding ’til after Camp Loopy knitting.
        I want my mind clear so that I can knit the front center panel.
        Truth: I’ve not followed your link to Drops ~ ~ YET
        okay, off I go. Is this going to lead to me loving it and having to co???? :^)


  7. Ooh wow, can’t wait to see the finished sweater! Chunky yarn on 10mm needles – it’ll whizz by! Gorgeous colour, and the yarn looks super snuggly 🙂

  8. That looks like it’s going to be great! I’m sure it’ll knit up quickly for you. Perhaps a more fitted sweater will be something you enjoy and feel very pretty in 🙂 Enjoy your process!

  9. Lovely and I think you are right to stick with the size you have, sweaters always stretch a bit with wear and you don’t want so big you wont wear it 🙂

  10. Well, even if it doesn’t fit, it won’t take too long to fix up. At least it isn’t a lace weight, right?