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After what feels like weeks of rain, it was so lovely to see the sun today!

We’re meant to have fine weather for a few days, and it will be wonderful to hang the washing on the line for a change, and warm my back in the sun.

I thought I’d pop in this evening with a quick update on Olga:

This is one of the sleeves.  I’m knitting it using two circular needles, as I find large DPNs annoying to use.  At the current stitch width, it’s still a bit clumsy to use only one pair of circulars, so this does the trick in place of DPNs.  My only grouch is that the plastic pair you see in the picture drag and grip the yarn something crazy, and this is slowing me down.  I suspect I’m going to end up taking the tips of my metal 10mms off the body part of this project to use instead.

The body is finished, and now I need to knit the sleeves before joining them to the body for the yoke part of the knitting.

The other night, I took the body off the needles and tried it on for fit (just because I’m paranoid like that) and was most relieved to find that it fits me very nicely width-wise.  This is one of the benefits of knitting a garment in the round – you can try as you go!

I am glad I tried it on though because I found that the length I was supposed to stop at came to somewhere around the top of my jeans (so why does it look longer in the pattern picture!?)  I find this an awkward length for me – there’s not enough coverage to stop nasty breezes from chilling my kidneys, and then I get grumpy because I’m so uncomfortable.  That length of top is also very unflattering for someone who no longer possesses a pancake flat tummy!  I put the project back on the needles and knitted another 4″ to get a more suitable length.

I can’t wait to wear it! The softly single spun merino yarn is light, and warm, and oh so cuddly soft!


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10 thoughts on “Olga

  1. I hate those plastic circulars as well. Im thinking of treating myself to a set of circulars for my birthday, do you recommend any brands?

    • I really don’t know why I bought them. They cost $9, but I should have just bit the bullet and paid a bit more for needles I know I love using (and will use!!). Sigh. It’s horses for courses in terms of needles – my first love for circular needles is Addi Turbo. Followed by Hiya Hiya. The lovely thing about Hiya Hiya interchangeables is that they come with a pretty Chinese brocade case. Knit Pro are okay as well – they are my favoured needle for lace and socks because of the pointier tips. I discovered the Knit Pro Cubist (square) needles last week! Very nice sock needles!! Hope that helps.

  2. I can’t believe you’re already done with the body of that! I’m surprised your needles don’t smoke when you knit; it must be so fast! Hopefully you can do something about those plastic needles so you can pick up your regular speed again.

    • Chunky yarn knits up super fast. 😉 Yup, I took out the plastic needles and replaced them with the metal ones – the faster speed enabled me to finish the sleeve last night.

  3. Wow, that does knit up fast indeed… :0 and already it looks good…
    ( in fact, with the summer we’re having so far I already found myself informing at my LYS today about when ‘winter’yarn would arrive.. seems not long ere I could do with a piece of snuggly garment like that myself.. )
    I”m wondering though if you have any advise on the sewing together when it’s finished ? Your cables and lace hoodie looked so good too… what stitch do you use for it ?

    • I hope you manage to get at least a nice August. It would be dreary to have a terrible summer and then go back to winter! I use the mattress stitch to sew up. It produces such a professional finish, and so neat! In the case of Olga, there won’t be much sewing up as it’s knitted all in one – just a small amount on the underarm.

      • Thanx for the advice – guess that will make my next FO look better than the last one..
        And as for the weather, I’m not too concerned.. After all; officially summer started only at June 21st, so still way to go 🙂 ! ( and admitted; I quite like my knitting mojo and doubt weather it will hold if summer really hits.. )

  4. I am so in love with this color and just the thought of a chunky sweater makes me yearn for winter!

  5. Sounds like you’ve got it under control
    This is going to be such a sweet sweater.


  6. love that colour, and i’m with you on easy fitting of garments knitted in the round. mind you, if you knit in pieces and its too narrow, you can always knit gussets!